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Navigation route appearance



The app does a great job of following a route, and rejoining it after a deviation. Sometimes a route will intersect itself (e.g. https://kurv.gr/3RzMv), and the only way to know which route to follow, when the paths diverge again, is to look at the arrow and distance at the top of the screen. Sorry, I don’t have a screen capture.

One way to make this clear on the map would be to un-focus the part of the route that is not current, either by blurring it or making it a lighter shade of blue. Another way would be to add arrows into and out of a convergence of the route for the current section.



Thanks for the interesting ideas!
(moved in new features category)

Actually we have many plans for a more enhanced navigation.
e.g. colored past / current / upcoming paths with direction arrows

(image from my other project)


That looks fantastic. I’ll be happy to beta-test and critique it.


Big LIKE for this upcoming feature!


Note: this runs on a different project / engine, would need some implementation to integrate it here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hm sorry to be the only voice of dissent here but that screenshot looks a bit… colorful. Bit overkill I would say. I could really live with only the arrows and maybe a lighter shade of blue like Google Maps does for example, like @alwynallan suggested in the OP


That’s another project, don’t know how will be in Kurviger when time comes.
But everyone please post your thoughts! :slightly_smiling_face: