Navigation problem


I observed a strange behavior today navigating through a part of a route, where I was using the same road also for the way back. What happened is that kurviger indicated I was off the route. When I stopped it then detected to be on the route again. As soon I continued driving it - once again - decided to be off the route. This was reproducible several times (stop - go - stop, etc.) until I finally left this part of the route. It looked as if the app was confused about what direction to go. I did not have any form of rerouting enabled.


A few questions come into my mind here:

  1. Was the navigation running continuously from start to end? Or was it stopped somewhere in between? E.g. at a break.
  2. To achive this, you need a waypoint before you can return to the same road again.
    Did you actually pass that waypoint?
  3. A route example could help to understand. Especially that point where you changed your direction.

I had not stopped (or paused) the navigation. What I did do, however, is to leave the route (on purpose) and re-enter again, which normally works perfectly fine.


I didn’t change direction. The problem happened while on the way out. Kurviger decided I was off the route while driving, and on the route once stopped.

A route example with user location and detailed description would certainly help.

Need to understand that cannot have the flexible (wanted by most users) above navigation
and still follow strictly the route in complicated paths with forward / backward on same road.

An even more strict navigation to follow not just waypoints, but all route coordinates,
(could exist)
but will negate the flexible navigation and exit / enter anywhere will not be possible.

Can see also my answer in a related topic:

Yeah, I guess we can’t have everything at the same time :wink: I think I start to understand. When a bi-directional route is re-joined, the orientation that is chosen is towards the nearest waypoint. Is that it? Or do you derive the orientation from the sequence of GPS readouts?



(it’s much more complicated)
Basically it snaps to the nearest / next route segment based on GPS location and bearing.
(whose accuracy is debatable)

The bearing is pretty much useless on my phone. You can get any reading if only you try hard enough :wink:

Still, what you describe normally works perfect for me. I would occasionally get a wrong turning instruction when joining the route (which is normal) but it would always get the orientation right. Something must have been different this time. Maybe because the route was bi-directional?

Next time please try the “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode | Strict navigation” option.