Navigation language

I have setup the app for dutch language. When I use navigation, the voice is in english, trying to pronounce dutch words.

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Device: samsung - SM-G781B - Android: 13 - WebView: 113.0.5672.162
App-Version: 3.0.10 - 1134
Screen: 360 x 800 px - 3dppx

Hi @Ton60,
What TTS (Text to Speech) engine/module do you have in Android Settings/General Setting/Text to Speech (Instelligen/Algemeen beheer/Tekst naar spraak)?
The Samsung TTS Engine is quite limited in supported languages (no Dutch as far I know, thus possibly English is set as default resulting in Dutch with English pronunciation).
Try the Google TTS Engine, it should support Dutch…


it is was to English (US), no dutch options.
I have installed Google TTS, speech is now in Dutch. Thanks!