Navigation instructions not on when screen is off

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It seems that voice navigation died not work when the screen is turned off (locked). I often hit the power button to save on battery, but then I don’t hear navigation instructions.

Turning the screen back on stars the instructions again.

My other criticism is, if you deviate from a route, navigation wants you to do a u turn the whole time rather than reroute once you are at a point that is closer to your final destination than the point you deviated.

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Device: OnePlus - NE2215 - Android: 13 - WebView: 116.0.5845.92
App-Version: 3.2.0 - 1557
Screen: 360 x 804 px - 3dppx

I believe that if you give Kurviger permission to access your location at all times that this solves the problem of voice navigation turning off. Look under your phone settings for location and there allow Kurviger to always access location.


Also you may need to exclude Kurviger app from any “power optimisation” of your phone.
Vendors often kill apps in the background to save battery.

Please open a separate thread and include a route example.

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