Navigation / GPS logging in background

I’ve been using the app for about a year now and I’m really happy with it.
Today I wanted to try the GPS recording feature. I went for a ride, but after a few minutes I was wondering why there were no more voice directions from the app, so I stopped and discovered the app was closed. Started it up again, but after a few hundred meters it crashed once more. I tried it a few times, but it didn’t work out. Disabled the GPS recording and everything worked as usual.
I’ve got the following settings: time interval 5s, min distance 10m, min GPS acc 50m, min velocity 2km/h.
Using version 1.12.4 on Android 9, Oneplus 3T.
Any ideas how to debug this?


Hi Markus, sorry to be so pedantic, but: are you sure it really crashed? Did you see a dialog from the system saying the app crashed?

If not, maybe the service was terminated by the system, maybe we have some battery saver issues here and you can do something about this now :slight_smile: have you checked this article out?

There’s even a section on oneplus :call_me_hand:


GPS recording is running on my device since this feature has been introduced.
E.g. it has recorded over 3000km of my Norway hollyday without a single hickup.

Is Kurviger running in foreground i.e. display switched on, or in background with display switched off on your device?


There are not any crash reports in Google Play from version 1.12.4 on Android 9 with Oneplus 3T. Probably something else happens…?

GPS logging works in background too, just like navigation.
Both show a notification icon, declaring background action.

Perhaps some battery optimization settings in device need change for the Kurviger app?
If that’s the case can see related wiki documentation and more details in following article:

I tried both in foreground and background.
I discovered that the battery optimization is turned on, switched it off for kurviger and will try it again.
Just what confuses me, will the GPS recording require so much more battery than normal navigation that android could force the app to close?

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Both can work in background and are implemented with Android official guidelines.
OEMs do not respect those guidelines and they force close 3rd party applications.

I will absolutely confirm that (I do media playback in the background for the app) . Android and a lot of vendors have a nasty habit of killing stuff WAY too early.

I get that abuse prevention is on their mind, but for us app developers, it often means 1 star reviews from people who don’t read the documentation and forget to whitelist the app in the settings

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I’ve seen some sort of “keep alive” permission in the app settings of - I think - Navigon cruiser, which is running further correctly with display turned of under Android 9/10 (LOS). Many other apps (and gps) have problems running in the background with display turned off according to new battery saving methods in Android itself.
So the function to be kept alive in the background can obviously be implemented in an app itself, but its not sure, if it runs on Android 9/10.

Like mentioned above, app already supports background use for navigation and gps logging.

My smartphone: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S mit LOS 17.1 (Android 10).
After start routing in kurviger pro ( beta) and turning off display with the power switch the navigation / routing stops (no voice commands). After “waking up” (app in foreground) navigation and voice commands go on. I know, that my former smartphone with Android 8.1 and kurviger pro has not such effect.
I’ve disabled all battery saving modes and turned off the battery optimization for this app, but no change.
Thus I’m using ‘touch protector’, which also manages a black overlay to save battery (what the ‘display lock’ function in kurviger does not).
I think, these problems with newer android versions above 8.1 are still there, also for many other types of apps. But it’s essential for correct and reliable running a navigation app, which must reduce the risk of being stopped for any reason. A smartphone can have many ways to save battery, and I think it will exist other scenarios, where a navigation app will be stopped for the reasons regarding to battery savings.
So to correct implement a kind of “keeping alive” service for an app and gps in the background could be very essential for newer android versions.
Have you noticed problems in kurviger pro in newer days like I’ve mentioned above, or am I a single case?

AFAIK this is problem only on Xiaomi phones. I’ve read a lot of complaints. My Xperia works and navigate weel even with LCD off.

O.k., I’ve suspected it already. So the ‘touch protector’ app is still my choice for this problem.
But I think, there are not already so much smartphone users on Android 9 or 10 respective Lineage OS 16 /17 and in time using / trying out navigation. So there could be more complaints in the next months, if it is also a problem of newer alterations of the ‘display off mode’ in combination with battery saving algorythms, not regarding single smartphone types.
So these problems could be shifted towards forums for the appropriate os systems.
It would be interesting to hear about more user experience regarding active routing with voice commands during display off.

In der FAQ stehen einige Tipps und wie oben erwähnt findet man auch hier etwas zu dem Thema.
In the FAQ you can find some tips and as mentioned above you can also find something about this topic here

I have Android 9 on my Xperia for long time and had no issue with applications running in background.