Navigation functionality missing?

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Turn by turn navigation is missing
I produced a route on pc browser
Generated a short link
Discovered beta app lacks the ability to consume short link.
When i scan qr code on pc the phone beta app launches and displays my route. Yet there is no start navigation button. If I start riding the blinking blue dot of app follows me on screen but at no point does app say left turn in 300 meters.
The Brown “O” in upper right tells me i am logged in.
I am at a loss how this app can be used. There are no obvious controls to start a navigation

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Device: samsung - SM-S908U1 - Android: 13 - WebView: 111.0.5563.116
App-Version: 3.0.9 - 1062
Screen: 360 x 772 px - 4dppx

Hi Oracle, the navigation can be found behind this button here:

of course! thought I looked there but obviously I didn’t see it.
thank you!

as for having app consuming a short link from website interface.
clearly the app can do it because if fire up a browser and surf to short link the app launches and consumes the link.

is there a place within the app I can data entry the 5 char short link directly?
it seems odd I need to fire up another app (browser or camera) just to get that information into kurviger.

prior release of kurviger app allowed for short link data entry.
not seeing that in current release of app

Until now this is not available in the beta app.

Would prefer, when this would be possible soon. Sometimes it would be helpful.

thank you for your response and I agree it would be helpful.

For me and my friends the to biggest ‘selling’ points of kurviger are:
A) one can use a PC/browser interface and drag/drop the route line and insert way points as to form the perfect curvy/desireablity route.
B) with the above done, a 5 char code is all it takes to faithfully have any app user navigate that route.

with other programs is often difficult to create a curvy route
it is also difficult to communicate that route to others

for the above reasons I feel it desirable to be within app and be able to data entry those 5 chars and/or have kurviger app launch a camera to scan for the QR code which is the URL of those 5 chars.

It is now a few months from last post on this topic
Today I took advantage of the current pricing discount and purchased a yearly Kurviger Tourer+ subscription. Possibly related, to the above purchase, a few minutes later my Android phone got an Kurviger app update.

I could not help but notice that the current Kurviger app has [incorrectly] lost the ability to receive the data entry of the 5 character share link its website generates/exports. As point of reference the legacy kurviger app did support this ability but the new beta app does not have it.

Is beta over?
Are the plans to implement the feature that was lost
or will the new app forever lack the ability the legacy app enjoyed?

Thanks for the support :tada:

The BETA will end at the end of August.

We might add this again in the future, it is something we have on our list, it is not the highest priority right now though.