Navigation doesn't work anymore

I have been using Kurviger Pro for 1 year now, without problems and very happy with it. But since a couple of weeks the navigation has stopped working. When I press the navigation button it does give me the first instruction, I see it in the top left corner and I get the vocal instruction, but when I start riding nothing happens. Normally the location dot changes to the arrow and you would see the map change to the drivers perspective, but now nothing happens anymore. I really need the navigation, so anyone here that can help me out? Is it a certain setting in the app? Did something happen since the latest version was updated maybe?

Application and navigation work as well as ever.

Please provide more details, like the “Settings | About | Info”.

What navigation options do you have enabled?
Can you provide a screenshot of the navigation screen?
Do you have simulation enabled in navigation settings?

I have found out it had to do with the location settings. It says Google or Android for location service. It was set on Android and when I changed it to Google the arrow to follow appeared again.

I’ve got right the same problem and symptoms as described above. Only way out is setting Android location mode to “GPS only”. It does no longer work with mode “wlan and mobile network”, forcing it to use mobile network which I prefer to save battery level.
My phone infos:
Model LG-X210
Android 5.1
Kurviger navigation default settings since I’ve been using Kurviger, navigation mode “normal”

There are 2 location providers in the application:

  • Android
    Navigation works directly with GPS sensor.

  • Google
    Google merges all location sources with presumably “better” results.

In any case you should enable the GPS in Android settings when be outside.

Thank you for clarification, I just reject the setting I used before.
Apparently there is something wrong with Vodafone’s mobile network, sometimes deeply slow, sometimes not.

Goodmorning! The navigation problem is still there unfortunately. I have had the settings on Google, because this way the arrow appears and it starts navigating. But I notice it has a hard time to follow me while driving. The arrow changes to a dot and suddenly I am in a town or village according to the navigation, although I am driving on the highway.

When I set the navigation to Android, like you pointed out before. The dot stays a dot and the navigation never really starts. Any idea where it is going wrong?

I will send you print screens of my navigation and location settings.

I am on Kurviger Pro 1.13.17

Please provide device and Android details, i.e. the “Settings | About | Info”.
(like asked above)

It’s always better to test with the default settings:


  • Disable “Smooth movement”
  • Disable “Kalman filter” (and restart app)
  • Select “Android” as location service (and restart app)


  • Disable “Snap to route”

Most important:

  • Enable the GPS in the device’s Android settings

Navigation works with GPS sensor.

GPS provides the location and direction (arrow) when move outside.


Sorry, here is the info:
Kurviger Pro 1.13.17
Android 8.10 (API 27)
motorola Moto G (5) Plus
1080 x 1920 (480 dpi)

I have disabled the settings that you recommended. GPS is enabled, this was already enabled.

Do you start navigation outside and move?

Or have you accidentally paused navigation?
See the navigation button’s symbol:

  • Tap navigation button to start and then pause / continue navigation.
  • Long press navigation button to stop a started or paused navigation.

Do you use some other app that interferes with GPS sensor?

I normally start the navigation outside, but since I step on the bike next to my house it still picks up the wireless signal from my house on that point. I have been using the app over a year now and before there was no issue and it worked perfectly.

But now, once I start driving it seems like the navigation is slower than I move. It sometimes catches up with me, when I am parked at a traffic light, but overall the navigation is lost. I will go outside in a second and test the navigation with the latest settings according to your advice. I will let you know the result.

Do you use some other app that interferes with GPS sensor?

Not that I am aware of. I have downloaded an app to check the GPS status, solely for the purpose of checking if the problem is a GPS problem instead of a Kurviger settings problem. But it seems that is working fine.

Ok, just did my test run. Leaving my home it didn’t do anything. I only heard the first vocal instruction, but according to the dot I never left my home, so there was no navigation.

Arrived at the destination. Erased the route and set a new route back to my home, disabled the GPS location and enabled the GPS location on my phone and then all of a sudden it did start.

I have enabled and disabled the location many times before, before opening up this topic. Maybe the difference was that I did it on 4G network now, instead of on my wifi at my home? That is the only difference that I can come up with.