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Navigation doesn't work anymore

I have been using Kurviger Pro for 1 year now, without problems and very happy with it. But since a couple of weeks the navigation has stopped working. When I press the navigation button it does give me the first instruction, I see it in the top left corner and I get the vocal instruction, but when I start riding nothing happens. Normally the location dot changes to the arrow and you would see the map change to the drivers perspective, but now nothing happens anymore. I really need the navigation, so anyone here that can help me out? Is it a certain setting in the app? Did something happen since the latest version was updated maybe?

Application and navigation work as well as ever.

Please provide more details, like the “Settings | About | Info”.

What navigation options do you have enabled?
Can you provide a screenshot of the navigation screen?
Do you have simulation enabled in navigation settings?

I have found out it had to do with the location settings. It says Google or Android for location service. It was set on Android and when I changed it to Google the arrow to follow appeared again.

I’ve got right the same problem and symptoms as described above. Only way out is setting Android location mode to “GPS only”. It does no longer work with mode “wlan and mobile network”, forcing it to use mobile network which I prefer to save battery level.
My phone infos:
Model LG-X210
Android 5.1
Kurviger navigation default settings since I’ve been using Kurviger, navigation mode “normal”

There are 2 location providers in the application:

  • Android
    Navigation works directly with GPS sensor.

  • Google
    Google merges all location sources with supposedly “better” results.

In any case you should enable the GPS in Android settings when be outside.

Thank you for clarification, I just reject the setting I used before.
Apparently there is something wrong with Vodafone’s mobile network, sometimes deeply slow, sometimes not.