Navigation can't be started even with set destination

After 24h I am allowed to post my fourth (and last :wink:) issue. Navigation mode can only be started with route and, hence, only while there is an internet connection. If you have to edit your route during your trip at a position without internet connection you’re lost.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. you are somewhere without internet connection
  2. select a destination (via map, favorites or the like), or change the existing route due to a road closure
  3. route can’t be calculated due to no internet connection
  4. navigation can’t be started due to no route
  5. drive somehow lacking in direction
  6. return to step 3 OR be lucky to have found internet connection
  7. start navigation

Solution approach:
Let navigation mode be started if there is at least a destination. As soon as internet connection is available the route is loaded and the navigation starts. That’s the same as leaving the route: a new route is loaded as soon as internet connection is available.

Currently navigation needs a route and user location to work.
When leaving a route, the route still exists until the rerouting.

Maybe that’s something which could be included in the navigation standby mode.

Navigation can be entered as long as at least one destination is set but in standby mode. The latter waits for a) GPS and b) a route from [re]routing if there is no yet. Subsequently, the real navigation starts automatically.

By the way: Great communication with the users!

Kurviger forum has become our second home! :slightly_smiling_face:

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