Navigation announcement incorrect when driving the wrong way

This is already covered by the option “Settings | Voice guidance | Off route warning”.

We are talking about corner cases here.
Most of the time, the app is working to my expectations and beyond.
The quality and stability of the app is superior and support is excellent.

“Settings | Voice guidance | Off route warning”.

We have to distinguish 2 scenarios:

  1. recalculation off
    Here you get a “route missed” message when this switch is on.
    This is working and not discussed in this thread.

  2. automatic recalculation on
    Here you get a “recalculating route” message.
    Does the above switch influence this message as well?

The question is, do users want a “recalculating route” message or not?
The wish for voice info may be different whether automatic recalculation is on or off.

Indeed. :slightly_smiling_face:

This setting is for both cases.