Navigation announcement incorrect when driving the wrong way

I also experience the problem described. But has never bothered me personally, because I have my smartphone on the handlebars.
From tomorrow I’m on the road with new or different smartphone, let’s see how it behaves with it.

Das beschriebene Problem tritt bei mir auch auf. Hat mich persönlich aber nie gestört, weil ich mein Smartphone am Lenker habe.
Ab morgen bin ich mit neuem bzw. anderem Smartphone unterwegs, mal schauen wie es sich damit verhält.

Are there navigators that work like that?

We should be careful with the various conditions,
as they complicate the workflow and could fail elsewhere.

Example Route
German below
Automatic rerouting is set. The navigation is okay, only the spoken text doesn’t fit. Look at the example. If I drive along the red arrow, it says, in 100m to the right, then in 200m to the right, in 300m to the right, etc. But it doesn’t say: “please turn around”. Only when I turn back are the announcements okay again.
As a reminder: I carry the smartphone in my jacket pocket and cannot see the display, only hear the announcement via bluetooth in the helmet.

Es ist automatisches rerouting eingestellt. Das Navigieren ist in ordnung, nur der gesprochene Text passt nicht. Schaue auf das beispiel. Wenn ich am roten Pfeil entlang fahre, heißt es, in 100m rechts, dann in 200m rechts, in 300 m rechts usw. Aber es sagt nicht: “bitte wenden”. Erst wenn ich umkehre, sind die Ansagen wieder in Ordnung.
Zur Erinnerung: Ich trage das Smartphone in der Jackentasche und kann das Display nicht sehen, sondern nur die Ansage über bluetooth im Helm hören.

Thanks for the image.

Please attach images in the forum posts and include the route url.

There are not so many announcements at all these distances.
(…, 1 km, 300 m, before the turn)

There is no voice guidance for returning to the route.
There are visual indication and off route alarm in settings.

When you leave the route like in image,
then after a while it announces route missed and a rerouting happens.

Next time it would be useful to see the display and take a screenshot,
so we can understand what happens and the app displays on screen.
(and see the exact location of GPS marker and its direction)

I can confirm the described behavior:

If you drive along the red arrow, than a rerouting would happen.
After new route is calculated, the announcement would be:
“In 100m turn right”.
But this announcement only fits, if you drive in the green direction.

If you continue driving in the red direction then another recalculation happens:
Then the resulting announcement would be:
“In 200m turn right”.
And so on, until eventually a new route towards the red direction would be found.


Thanks for the information, now it seems more clear what could happen.

The (re)routing requests contain also the location’s heading (coming from GPS).
Navigation gets the (re)routing response and auto-announces the 1st instruction.
Navigation continues. If user keeps being off route then more reroutings happen.

Automatic 1st voice instruction should probably be omitted
and only the programmed instructions must be announced.

(then such confusion can be avoided)

As you ask: I do not know…but next is what I found so far.
180° turn: Turn using the exact same path for a return ! (Mirror)

  • Magic Earth.
    Does not offer 180° turns.
  • Here.
    Does not offer 180° turns.
  • My car gps.
    Does not offer 180° turns.
    Except: Without nearby roads or roundabout than:
    1.TRY to turn.(Keyword = TRY)
    2.TRY to turn.
  • If turning: Get your next instruction
  • If not turning: Continue(long) deviation.

IMO optimal:

  1. TRY to turn. Yes or No ?
  2. TRY to turn.
  • If turning: Get the next instruction
  • If not turning: Block the return path…

In the already shown (no sound) video (2’30) notice the ever increasing turn distance.

Triggers multiple recalculation & increasing distance turn alerts, solved by SET obstruction.

We cannot halt navigation and expect users to take out their phones and answer questions.

An elegant solution is needed.

Also Kurviger server does not like much the block area function (as heavy),
otherwise I would have already implemented the block area in route planning.

(like BRouter provides no-go areas in its website)

The “Avoid roadblock” in navigation works on the existing route.
(not on unknown road network, which is only known to the server)

Anyway your answer seems more relevant to the other topic?

A Yes or No does not mean you have to answer any question or have a talk to you phone.
It means, or you do indeed have a turn maneuver now, or you ignore and simply continue. Roger ?
By the way…as in the video by the block method. I found the result VERY usefull …you do not ?

If you mean the video in the other topic, it is for another report.
Here we discuss something different, unless you think it’s the same.

Why keep mixing user reports like that?
It’s confusing to watch the topics, understand the reports and think for improvements.

Do these belong together? Yes definitely. Optimise both or none.
Both optimization adjustments are so desirable.

  1. No turn instructions for the reverse direction if the distance indication is still increasing.
  2. Avoid the large flow of then irrelevant instructions by quickly enforcing an alternative.

Not convinced ? Diversion Güglingen.
Here app: The passage through Pfaffenhofen is blocked. However, not in osm.
If so, Kurviger recalculation would respond more alertly to this.
The motorcyclist keeps driving and so clearly does not want to turn back.
Video now including sound. Listen, don’t watch, phone in backpack. Usefull ?

This quickly becomes a very annoying TTS nuisance.

It is not in English, so it is not very useful for most users.

The app can not optimize or fix routing issues, please report them in routing category.

The routing services are responsible for the calculated routes.
The app only receives the calculated route and navigates on it.

I already described what happens and the possible solution above.

Tested today:
Now you don’t get misleading voice guidence any more, when riding away from route.
But you may still get many “recalculating route” messages in a row.

This doesn’t seem to prevent graphhopper Kurviger (online) from calculating a route in the opposite direction of current heading.
Here is a simple route example
If you keep heading away from route (as in screenshot) you get one “recalculating route” message after the other.

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This is nice!

We could remove those messages?

The app passes the GPS heading (whatever GPS reports) to routing service.
Then routing service is responsible to calculate a route in preferred direction.

I mentioned how to test those routing services with the “heading” parameter:

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Than there won’t be any acoustic hint, that you have missed your route.
If you think of removing this message, then please make this optional.

The root issue is, that Kurviger (online) routing service does not seem to calculate a route in the direction of current heading.

The voice announcement report for the app seems to be solved.
As this topic has already lost its primary focus we should close it.

This is already covered by the option “Settings | Voice guidance | Off route warning”.

We are talking about corner cases here.
Most of the time, the app is working to my expectations and beyond.
The quality and stability of the app is superior and support is excellent.

“Settings | Voice guidance | Off route warning”.

We have to distinguish 2 scenarios:

  1. recalculation off
    Here you get a “route missed” message when this switch is on.
    This is working and not discussed in this thread.

  2. automatic recalculation on
    Here you get a “recalculating route” message.
    Does the above switch influence this message as well?

The question is, do users want a “recalculating route” message or not?
The wish for voice info may be different whether automatic recalculation is on or off.

Indeed. :slightly_smiling_face:

This setting is for both cases.