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Navigate with web version



I have a very important question, is it possible to navigate with the web version?


Who knows … :laughing:


BTW: There is an interesting project that wants to do exactly this. https://ffwdmejs.org/



  1. Take your mobile comp.
  2. Charge battery.
  3. Take it with you.
  4. Create and open route in browser.
  5. You are old enough to be able to read a printed map?? THEN you are now able to read the map on the screen and follow it … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How to handle that on a bike if you are riding by yourself?? :confounded:



According to this idea I have a little story (which sounds really funny today, but was somehow cool at that time).

Back in the year 2000, I had an Audi TT with which I regularly drove to different car and fan events, driving and race trainings, and, of course, just anywhere to enjoy all those curves and landscapes. :grinning:

At that time, GPS navigation was in it’s very early days. But it was possible to purchase a so called GPS-mouse, a ridiculous big device (in fact looking like a computer mouse) which could be attached to a laptop and therefore together with an appropriate software your were able to do satellite based navigation (almost exotic at that early period).

But I am and have always bin a “techie”, so it was clear for me that I have to build my own GPS-solution for my TT. So I crafted a mounting made from wood and metal, which clamped a Sony Vaio Notebook (which was quite small back then). On this notebook I used a software called “Fugawi 3 Moving Map” together with a GPS-mouse (I think it was a Holux GM-210).

Looked quite strange, but also futuristic and hey: it was a great equipment when participating in orientation tour driving events. :wink:

When reading this post, I remembered those days. And I even found an old picture, showing my construction. Would be also fine to use the Kurviger web version for navigation (well, OK, maybe not on a motorbike). :grin: