Navigate with web version

I have a very important question, is it possible to navigate with the web version?

Who knows … :laughing:

BTW: There is an interesting project that wants to do exactly this.


  1. Take your mobile comp.
  2. Charge battery.
  3. Take it with you.
  4. Create and open route in browser.
  5. You are old enough to be able to read a printed map?? THEN you are now able to read the map on the screen and follow it … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How to handle that on a bike if you are riding by yourself?? :confounded:


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According to this idea I have a little story (which sounds really funny today, but was somehow cool at that time).

Back in the year 2000, I had an Audi TT with which I regularly drove to different car and fan events, driving and race trainings, and, of course, just anywhere to enjoy all those curves and landscapes. :grinning:

At that time, GPS navigation was in it’s very early days. But it was possible to purchase a so called GPS-mouse, a ridiculous big device (in fact looking like a computer mouse) which could be attached to a laptop and therefore together with an appropriate software your were able to do satellite based navigation (almost exotic at that early period).

But I am and have always bin a “techie”, so it was clear for me that I have to build my own GPS-solution for my TT. So I crafted a mounting made from wood and metal, which clamped a Sony Vaio Notebook (which was quite small back then). On this notebook I used a software called “Fugawi 3 Moving Map” together with a GPS-mouse (I think it was a Holux GM-210).

Looked quite strange, but also futuristic and hey: it was a great equipment when participating in orientation tour driving events. :wink:

When reading this post, I remembered those days. And I even found an old picture, showing my construction. Would be also fine to use the Kurviger web version for navigation (well, OK, maybe not on a motorbike). :grin: