Navi from Harley Davidson

What do I have to enter in the navigation system settings if I have the Harley Boom!Box navigation system? At the moment I can only choose between Garmin/TomTom or others!
It happens again and again after a stop that the route starts again from the beginning and I have to delete some or even many waypoints in order to be able to continue where I am at the moment! Or is there another tip??
Thank you for your answers in advance!

Best Greats, Thomas

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Hi Thomas,
I am not familiar with HD Boom Box, however, is there a chance to load a gpx file to it? Maybe via kind of a ‘HD-cloud’? Or is the only chance to build a route from scratch only in the device?

You can create the route in the Harley Planner OR Kurviger, export it as a GPX file and load it into the Boom system. What year Harley do you have, I have the older (2014) 6.5 GT, the newer bikes (I THINK it changed in 2019) have the GTS system. Kurviger works great on my Boom system and is a lot more stable than the Harley Ride Planner.

The transfer is a clear thing and works without problems. My question was what do I have to enter in the settings in the program if I can only choose between Garmin and tomtom? And why does it happen that after a stop, the planned route starts again from the beginning with the waypoints although you have already, for example, traveled 10 points?

Why not simply taking a flat gpx file less any navigation tweak?

Only important to tag all options (waypoints, route and track).

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