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Name of Waypoints not in Roadbook?

Have been using he kurviger planning (on Website) and just recently signed up for the kurviger-tourer.

And… am still feeling that I have extra work during the planning:
During the planning; I am adding custom names to the waypoints; i.e. “restaurant xy”, “scenic view” etc.
Unfortunately those names are not exported in the road book.
Is there a feature need to activate?
Reading previos posts about this subjects didn’t help me as the “tech stuff” is a bit confusing to me :wink:

Would appriate to have a clean step-by-step instruction how to use the feature; if it exits.

Many thanks in advance to all (either listening/reading or solving the issue)

Thanks for the proposal. Right now the waypoint names are not yet shown in the Roadbook. Are you exporting the Roadbook to an Excel list and would like to use the names there?

Thanks for the quick response.
am exporting the tour/waypoints into excel. Retyping the names of the waypoints is cumbersome:-/
An placing waypoints at places of interest; e.g. breaks/meeting points during the ride, sightseeing, scenic views etc

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Ich schließe mich dem hier an, dass die ganzen Informationen die man in der Planung zu den Wegpunkten eingetragen hat, auch im RB stehen. Ich schreibe mir mit z.B. in das Textfeld die z.B. die Fährzeiten rein und alle Informationen die ich zu dem Wegpunkt benötige.

This feature has been added to the website :tada: Please let me know if this works for you.

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