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My opinion on the forum's main landing page

First of all the landing page is clear and concise, well done.
Here are some things I would improve:

  1. When I click on “Kurviger.de” at the top I would exepct to go to Kurviger.de, not the forums (although this might be debatable). An easy fix that avoids that debate and makes it super clear at first glance would be to write “Forums” in subscript below the icon, somewhat like “prime” here:

  2. The footer is next to the div#main-outlet instead of inside it, so it doesn’t move to the center on a big screen, looks kinda weird

  3. The “latest” bar on the right side should be customizable and/or filterable (by tags?). Also I think it should be less wide or on a different background color for its div, so that it’s separated from the main content categories. As it is, at first glance it looks just like more categories. Maybe lowering the spacing a bit or giving the posts a more “card-like” feeling with a border or gray background would distinguish them more as posts, not categories


  1. We need a way to return to forum home page, Kurviger logo plays that role now.
    But we need also a header in forum like GraphHopper has, with links to all important Kurviger urls.

Ah yes, the header would be even better than the footer :).

This is the official discourse theme, I would prefer to not change it. Changes could break something when updating the forum and I don’t want to fiddle around after each update.

Interesting idea. I will have a look, but I think it works well for other like GraphHopper, so maybe this is an unnecessary optimization.