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My Opinion for changes to the Categories

I think the following changes would benefit the forum:

  1. There are too many categories, Route Reports should be part of Community, “Discussion” should not exist multiple times but rather have the sub-categories inside it, “Other” should not exist

  2. “Forum Inside” should be called “Meta” or contain the word “meta” somewhere

  3. I think the All-Caps capitalisation of some words is irritating, it should be first letter only, always

  4. “Developers’ messages” should only have “news” and “updates” in the brackets, so that it doesn’t become to long and wrap unnecessarily. Also, there is a space missing after the colon of “news”

  5. “Detailed questions especially…” is missing an “e”. Also the category invites bad behaviour. I think it should go as well, or be renamed to bug-report and then open a VERY strict template without which to topics can be reported


Oh and one other thing: can I see a preview of my post somehow so that I can see if… nevermind I found it hidden behind a couple of banners. Maybe those should be moved

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Thanks @Patrick. BTW: I invited Patrick to join the forum and share his opinion about the forum :).

Thanks, I renamed it. Yes, a bug-report template with a special “bug-report” to developers area sounds nice and might be even better than questions. The idea was to emphasize that Kurviger is supposed to be a community and not just a question board to ask the developers and ask for new features.

Makes sense, yes. So we just add tags with news or updates :slight_smile:. Will be easier.

It should be noted, that all categories below Other will be removed most probably.

I am not sure about this, I think route reports could be very well live on their own and we could make this more detailed and split it by country, etc., if users will use this category to post things.

I think other is supposed to be more of a chat area where everyone can talk about everything. Do you think this is a bad idea?

Or maybe just “About the forum”? And yes, I agree, this category is too full, we should preferably remove subcategories from this forum.


Yeah alright that sounds like an adequate size then

mhm ok :+1: valid argument

Well… depends on the users and how this forum evolves, but in general… yes :grin:

BTW: I slightly updated the forum structure. Let’s see what we need and what users will actually use in the forum and add more there then :).

Is the forum appearance stable or there are things to be removed?
I still find it much complicated and several topics overlap or don’t even understand what they mean.

Hello Patrick! :slight_smile:
Welcome to the “New Forum” and your help and critical view!! :+1::smiley:

I suggest strongly to keep it:

Experiences with other forums show, that IF a real “talking community” will come up, we need some place for “small talk” - otherwise you will find more and more unserious posts within the serious topics.

THIS I have done now to avoid misunderstandings like this one.

This exactly we HAD at the beginning, following the first structure I had in my mind.
And I have to confess: I still would keep it inside the Community Category as a subcategory, at least for now, because it IS a part of community life …

IF it becomes overcrowded one far (or soon?) day - we can extract it again to a main category.

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Yes, but I think route reports are a quite important part of this forum, since the whole forum is a community project it kind of makes sense to have its own category. I planned to get quite some route reports in the forum in the hope that others will join in :).

It is of course not a very important decision :slight_smile:

So we may keep it as is and see what happens! :smile:

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Robin invited me to visit the new Forum.
My first impression was: What are all these categories intended for?

Obvious to me are the following categories:

  • Welcome
  • News and updates
  • Feature request and bug reports
  • Route Reports
  • Inside Forum
  • Other
    So I think these should stay.

Not so obvious to me is:
“community” and “discussion” with their subcategories.
I think there are too many (sub)categories.

  • Discussion/“App:xxx” vs. “App and Website” vs “Website”
    seems partly redundant to me.

  • Discussion/“App:Navigation” vs. “Routing”.
    I am afraid people don’t understand the difference between navigation and routing.

  • “Discussion/New Features”
    Seems redundant to the main category “Feature Request”

Sorry, for not beeing constructive but only criticizing.
This is just a first impression, and I am not sure how it should look like.
Maybe for the moment you should just use a flat structure without sub-categories .



Hi Manfred,

thanks for having a look and for providing your feedback :).

I think it is complicated to imagine how it will look like, because right now everything is empty :). It is very interesting that you and Mario (here) provided very similar feedback.

We tried to emphasize the difference by providing a more detailed description:
App: Navigation - Everything that concerns the app while riding/driving. Can be about the free and pro version
Routing - Questions and discussions about routes calculated by the app or the website

The idea is that routing is really about the calculated route. This might be a discussion about a route that could be improved or a discussion why Kurviger did not use a certain road, etc. The navigation part would be about issues with the Kurviger navigation, like auto-zoom, rerouting, etc.

How would you propose to handle this or to name the subcategories?

The improvement that we expect from the sub-categories is to make it a lot easier to find something again or to read other discussions that are specifically about a certain topic. Currently, the Google Group is very chaotic, it is hard to find similar topic, which should become easier with this structure.

Especially in the beginning a lot of work will be to moderate the forum and move topics in the right categories to keep everything running and organized. Most probably things will become easier, once every sub-category has a couple of topics :).


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