Mousewheel zooming in / out

Using the mousewheel in the kurviger web application zooms in or out.
But in all browsers on my Windows 10 desktop it zooms way too much in or out.
Instead of one step per mousewheel step, the smallest wheel movement results in a 3 to 6 zoom steps at once!
Using the same action in google maps works without any problem, it’s smooth there.

That problem is really annyoing. I’ve tried to setting the mouse setting to “1 line per wheel movement”, but it does not solve the problem.

Thanks for letting us know. Which browser are you using? Have you tried to use Chrome or Firefox?

This problem occurs only in Firefox (61.0.2 on Windows 10), but not on the actual Chrome (68.0) or Edge (Edge 40.15063.674.0) on the same computer.
The zooming in Google Maps is smooth on all three browsers.

Sometimes in Firefox up to 6 zoom steps occur when the wheel moves only one “click”.
Makes Kurviger near to unusable on that (beloved :-)) browser.

The problem occurs in “safe mode”, too.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried to update a couple of things. It’s a pity that Firefox seems to have some issues. Did the new version improve anything for you?

For reference Firefox on Linux seems working fine.

Sorry, no.
I’ve reloaded with “F5” (forced reload), but the zoom in/out is the same as before, up to six zoom steps at once instead of one.

Addendum: I’ve connected another mouse, and with the other mouse it works fine!
The mouse with problems in kurviger (but not in gmaps) is a “Logitech MX Anyhwere 2”.
After deactivating “Flüssige Bildläufe” (which is on by default) in the Logitech Software it worked as it should!
Sorry for the trouble, but I wonder why gmaps had no problems at all. Probably they filter events out, if they occur too fast or something.

Thanks for your fast help!

PS: I love, - the web application is great: fast, featureful, but easy to use :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, I am happy that your issue is resolved now :slight_smile: