More prominent position of zoom factor determination in Map Following Mode

Only by chance I noticed, that I can determine an exact zoom factor (corresponing to Auto zoom factors) when I am in map following mode, if I open Tools - Go to - just before I wanted to sugeggest a feature like this!

It’s quite hidden - better place this possibility to a more prominent position in the menu structure?

I KNOW, that I can determine also with the 2 finger gesture - but this is quite inaccurate, and I prefer to have a pre-defined zoom.

I need this usually, when I am cruising behind someone else and I am just following him or her. In this case I activate the pure Map Following Mode in Kurviger to have a look to the road course, and to keep a feeling for distances I like to choose the same zoom factor every time. This is much better done by a determination like the slider in Tools - Go to than by the gesture.

For ME now no more problem, because I found the “hidden” slider - but better place it in a better position one may find more intuitively?

Map scaling is seamlessly continuous without discrete steps in zoom.
The levels are just approximations of the nearest fixed zoom value.

Go To tool can be used to go to precise coordinates & zoom level.
How often need to zoom to a specific fixed level or know its value?

Me: Frequently. But perhaps my special behavior.