More offroad oriented Routes?


i have a question regarding routing abilities, and if it would be possible to make it happen :wink:

for years now i am using Garmin Basecamp to create offroad(ish) routes for motorcycle tours (with OSM maps). Usually i do it by selecting the smalles possible roads and hope to get at least a gravel road. Since these tours are not really to reach a certain goal but more oriented to have fun while driving i was wondering if it would be possible to use an automated routing process do to this task. does have the feature to avoid highways/mainroads etc, but still is kind of using more or less the direct way from A to B.

So i was wondering if it would be possible to to have even more customization possible? Since it is using graphhopper as routing algorithm, it should be possible to have more flexibility there right? for example explicitly deny (and not only avoid) certain road types and or make a finer dicision of what road type is what (in most places OSM data is well equipped for that)…

If there are any ideas to achieve sth. like that, it would be nice to hear about it!!

Thank you so much in advance

here are similar discussions, although mostly in German:
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Another option may be the App in combination with BRouter
App: Offline routing (BRouter)
With an appropriate profile it can even route offroadish roads.

Thanks for letting us know. In general more customization is something that we do have on the road-map.

In any case, our goal is to produce legal routes. Especially in central Europe the number of legal offroad roads is quite limited. So I think planning reasonable offroad routes with Kurviger can only work in countries where there are enough legal offroad roads. For example in the US it’s already easily possible to plan offroad trips.