Molen route achterhoek, Holland

I’m very proud of this route.
If you’re in Holland county side “Achterhoek” you will see windmills.
But there are not so much as you think.
This trip will bring you through the nice countryside where i live.

The windmills are maintained by volunteers.
And you can take a look inside if it’s running.

Along the route there are plenty of opportunities to rest or eat in the small towns or villages.

I drove the route and removed all errors.

Personally I like to drive through villages, which is not very convenient for large groups, but I think it will not happen.

This is the link about all mills in the “achterhoek”.

This is the link of the route



A little bit pain in netherlands ist the speedlimit of 60 km/h on most sied roads.
But a very nice country, of course :sunglasses: