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is it possible to hide the menu (like pressing the zoom button) when you open a link with a mobile browser? The menu hides the zoom button, and most of my friends don’t even notice, that there’s a map and a route or track, Also it would be cool if the whole track/route is zoomed to fit the screen.

See attached screenshots.

My test link:

I had the exact same problem/thought all the time before the app came out. I gues nowadays you could link your friends to the Play Store first, to tell them to install Kurviger.

But yeah, +1, I second this request, I think this should be implemented even now that the app exists

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Interesting suggestion, thanks.

I thought about this multiple times as well.

The issue IMHO is that this issues goes both ways. If you start the website with map view only, people will not find a way to go to the route options.

What do other users think about this? Which view should be the default on small screens?

The issue is, that the button to switch to map view (see red arrow in original post) is hidden and hard to find.
IMHO no matter which view is the default.
The switch to map view and back to route options should be more obvious.
Anyway, this is only relevant for people that don’t have the App.


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When using kurviger webversion on my mobile device I first have to turn in horizontal mode before I can switch the view. In standard mode I can’t hit the button with my Wurstfingers :wink:

In general either mode (route options or map view) would be fine as long it is easy and intuitiv to switch!

Personally however I tend to the map view as starting point. The map with the routing should be the master. Route options should than be swiped in for example. Just same behaviour as the app :wink:


Thanks for the hints. I will see what can be done about this :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, this should be solved for quite a while now. If you see issues with this popping up again, please let us know.

I still prefer view 2 (minimized controls, maximized maps) but maybe it’s just me.

I think I might have a solution for you. You can use this link:, just save it as a bookmark. Kurviger will open with the map in fullscreen :slight_smile:.

Ahh. That’s cool :slight_smile:

One more thing: would it be possible to append “?embed=true” to the URL in the browser and remove it if not in full screen mode?

This makes sharing the map with “the view” much more easyer.

Thanks for the proposal. I haven’t thought about that. My first reaction is, that this is probably not a good idea. People who are not familiar with Kurviger might struggle to use it? Maybe if we make the fullscreen button more prominent?

Hmm, I don’t get why they should struggle? Only clever people are using kurviger… If I intentionally share a fullscreen URL I want the other to see it in fullscreen, for all others nothing changes. even passes the layer via URL, so why no the view?

The fullscreen button is missed by many users. Anyone that hasn’t used Kurviger before and opening the link might struggle to get started.

If you use the share tool, we don’t pass the layer. Including the layer in the url has historic reasons, so that users could “remember” their selected layer when reloading the website. We use cookies to store the layer for quite some time now. Adding the layer is another potential source for an unintended configuration :slight_smile:. Many people don’t know that they can switch the layers at all.

I became a bit hesitant with these kind of changes :slight_smile:.

I share a fullscreen view, because I WANT the other to see the track fullscreen. That’s all I have to say, do what ever you want to do, it’s your application. :slight_smile:

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I can perfectly understand your opinion. Let’s see what we can do about this :slight_smile:.