Mistakes with TomTom

i calculate my tour with Der Kurvige
Of course I make sure every point is exactly on a road, not a few meters next to ti.
I then export to my TomTom, Navicore 5, , itn.
With usually about 45 points.

Then I open my itn rourte in my Navi and see that there are always about 4 to 5 points that are way off the road and if I dont correct them, my Navi says… turn right…and then ,…turn around when possible …

I thought you and TomTom both use Google Maps, so how is this possibel?

My Map in ,my Navi by the way is absolutely up to date.

There are various maps existing, which are each (slighty) different: TomTom (also used by others like Sygic), HERE (used by Garmin and some others), Google Maps and OSM (Open Street Map, among others used by Kurviger).

Because of the differences, it can happen that waypoints which are exactly placed on a street in one map, are slighty off in another (which can lead to a different routing).


That’s the reason, why you shouldn’t place waypoints close to an intersection.
Always try to place your waypoints far away from nearby steets.


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