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Mini roundabout

I often come across roundabouts tagged in OSM as Mini roundabouts. Kurviger treats them as ordinary intersections, so the passage straight ahead is not communicated in any way. Of course, this is not a big deal, but the silence of navigation can be disturbing at roundabouts that do not look like a “Mini” at all!

Therefore, is it possible to announced such roundabouts as regular roundabouts or intersections with the priority road? Perhaps it would not be possible to indicate the number of the exit, but a message such as “straight ahead”, “left” or “right” would be enough, if possible.

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I would support this proposal. Whereby “left” and “right” are announced. At least in this case - just try it …
Here the example: Unterlaus, Feldkirchen-Westerham - Feldkirchen-Westerham | Kurviger
and the entry in the OSM: OpenStreetMap
In addition a photo from Mapillary:

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Yes, because it is probably treated as usual intersection of equal roads. I have a lot of such examples in my area.

Unaware of the difference between a mini and a normal roundabout, I once changed the OSM data! Luckily I was quickly informed of my mistake… and learned something :slight_smile:

Holy smokes there is indeed a lot to learn

Please pay attention to the section Possible misinterpretations to differentiate between roundabouts, traffic circles (rotaries), mini-roundabouts, turning cicles and turning loops.

I would never have imagined that depth of distinctions, thanks for pointing this out!

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Yes this is a known issue unfortunately and even more unfortunately it is not easy to fix.

Mini roundabouts in OSM are tagged like normal intersections and not like roundabouts.

In my opinion they should be tagged like regular roundabouts and have some additional information added to it, but well that’s how it was decided for OSM :frowning:.