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Messy export to Scenic app

Dear forum, I’m sad. I hope you can help me.
Until last year I have used the Kurviger webpage to plan my routes and exported them to the Scenic iPad/iPhone app and was very happy with that.
But now the export to Scenic doesn’t work reliably anymore.

Here is an example route:

I have chosen “fastest route” on purpose because I don’t want to have senseless detours. If you want to see what I mean, just change to “fast and curvy” and look what happens between Wortelstetten and Lauterbach…

Anyway, this is what Scenic looks like after importing my route:

This is a complete mess. There are 12 shaping points which I have not placed, some of them in cities I don’t want to drive to (e.g. the vias 13, 14, 15, 18, 20 in the Scenic screenshot). The shaping point 1 has changed to a stop (Zwischenziel). The route lenght has changed from 66.8 km to 86 km.

What is wrong here? Which software is the culprit - the Kurviger export or the Scenic import?
I oftenly make very detailed plans of my routes and I just want to have the exact route in the Scenic app. What should I do?

Have you contacted Scenic forum / support?

Hello Emux, thanks for your answer.
No, I have started in the Kurviger forum because the Kurviger webpage is the beginning of the workflow. (Plus I am already active in this forum.)

Can you tell me which software generates the “via” points which are visible on the Scenic import screen - Kurviger or Scenic? The same for the blue dashed route - which software generates it?

Have you compared my test route to the Scenic import screen? Is it possible for you to check whether the Kurviger export transfers the correct shaping points and stops (or the correct route, depending on how it the export works) to the Scenic webapp?

@boldtrn manages the website and its third-party exports, so please wait for his answer.

We are only passing the waypoints that you set on the website. If there are other points, then these are probably created by Scenic. I would recommend to get in touch with the scenic support. If this is something we can improve on our end this is something I can look into, but I can’t explain how the Scenic logic works.

OK, thanks for the information. I will contact the Scenic support.

If you specify “Avoid using the same road twice” (see marked button) you get a similar route in kurviger.de:

could there be a comparable directive in Scenic?

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The greatest strength of Kurviger when importing can be seen in the following menu: “Unchanged”

However, as soon as a strange router machine recalculates, the original nice design is “dead”.

Also a gpx track (trk) never changes by itself, but sadly does not contain the navigation instructions.
Although it is very easy to discretely do so. See a small example file.
1_Merged_Planner_points.gpx (3.6 KB)

View informative by Notepad++ or gpx editor or import and navigate in the Locus app.
Only Locus recognizes such a “track + instructions” IMPORT, but Locus NAVIGATION unfortunately does not (yet?) support unannounced Shaping Points :-((

That’s a good point, thanks for the information. I will keep this in mind when doing further tests. In Scenic I haven’t found such an option to disable.

Meanwhile I have been searching the Scenic forum and I’m not the only one with the problem.
As a workaround you can export the Kurviger routes as GPX files and import them to Scenic. This works a lot better than the direct Kurviger to Scenic route transfer with the Webapp.
I will use this workaround until Scenic 3 will be released and then test the direct route transfer again.

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