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Mehrere gespeicherte Routen ansehen / View multiple saved routes

Ich würde mir gerne mehrere in der Kurivger-Cloud gespeicherten Routen ansehen. Aktuell ist das nur möglich in dem ich diese Strecken als GPX exportiere und als Overlay importiere. Ist es möglich eine Funktion einzuführen mehrere Strecken, im Ordner, einfach anzuhaken und anzusehen?
I would like to view several routes stored in the Kurivger cloud. Currently this is only possible by exporting these routes as GPX and importing them as overlay. Is it possible to implement a function to simply check and view multiple routes in the folder?


Thanks for the proposal, maybe we could add this in the future. What would be your use case for this?

Ich vergleiche gern meine eigene und Routen aus dem Web auf Überschneidungen und wie man diese integrieren kann. So ist zb diese https://kurv.gr/wmdEE aus mehreren Teilen entstanden https://kurv.gr/LuKPL, https://kurv.gr/xr8RN etc. Auch schon gefahrene Routen lege ich so gern zusammen wenn ich hinterher sehe das sich größere Überschneidungen ergeben.
I like to compare my own and routes from the web for overlaps and how to integrate them. So e.g. this https://kurv.gr/wmdEE was created from several parts https://kurv.gr/LuKPL, https://kurv.gr/xr8RN etc. I also like to put together routes I have already driven when I see that there are bigger overlaps.


Thanks for the explanation. Ok, let’s see what we can do about this :slight_smile:. Next features on the list are sorting/filtering of routes/favorites, then we can see how we can include showing multiple routes.


This function is really useful, when you want to see all your past rides on map and then to choose, which roads you never rode. I use for this https://www.mygpsfiles.com/app/ where you can open multiple gpx at same time.


I see, thanks for the explanation. BTW: Opening multiple GPX files in Kurviger is easily done as well.

But I agree with you, it could help to show multiple saved routes from the db at once.

I am currently planning a week in South Tyrol with daily changing tours. If I could import the tours already saved on a map, I would have a better overview when planning the next day tours, I would appreciate it.

Sehr nützlich zum Vergleichen und Zusammenlegen von Touren :+1:

This is an exciting feature and I can definitely see the use case for this :slight_smile:. Right now you would have to export them as GPX/.kurviger and import them as overlay. This feature could be added in the future though :slight_smile:.

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