Meet the Kurviger-Team

As you know we are currently working at full speed on an app relaunch. To give you a a bit more insight into what is happening at Kurviger right now, we are excited to introduce you to the team behind Kurviger.

My name is Robin, I have been riding since I was 15, back then I started riding with an Aprilla SR50, but upgraded to a proper Bike, a Bandit 600 once I could get the license for it. I started Kurviger back in Uni during a project where the goal was to build a route planner based on OpenStreetMap data. Back then I planned my motorcycle rides with Motoplaner, but planning took quite a long time, because I tried to optimize my routes by moving the waypoints around to include every nice road along the way. Since then Kurviger has guided my R1100S and me over 50.000km on the nicest roads, found by Kurviger.

I am an Information Systems student in Innsbruck and I love to ride my MT-09 SP. I’ve been using Kurviger since I started riding and I’ve been helping develop the website for a year now. I am excited to be part of the team and make Kurviger better every day!

Hi all, I’m Patrick and I now support the Kurviger App development. I’ve been writing Android Apps since 2012 and riding motorcycles since 2008, so this is the dream combination for me.
Maybe you even know me from the forums already, I’m a big fan of Kurviger from the very first days.
My current bike is an R1200ST with which I go touring and even camping (I know, I should probably get an adventure bike rather than a Sport-Tourer, but I just love the ST so much, got 90.000km on it already).
When I don’t code or ride, I try to spend time with my dog Ellie who you can see as my profile picture. My inbox on the forum is open for your messages, it’s only part-time right now so I can’t promise too much activity in the discussions here but I will try my best!

Hi, my name is Corvin and I support the Kurviger team in the field of marketing as a working student. Motorcycling is one of my greatest passions. When I was 12, I was able to fulfil my dream of owning my first little motorbike (Rivara Moto 50ccm) and my passion really took off. I currently ride a Honda CB 600 and I am already looking forward to planning my tours with Kurviger next season. I’m very happy to be able to support Kurviger and be part of the team.


… and one step further forward …
… great performance … !!

It was so clear to me after the last promotion that you are one of the developer!! Happy to see this. :slight_smile:

All of you “Good luck and a good succeed” :four_leaf_clover:

@boldtrn Good choice!! :hugs:


and where do you live?

Hi to you all!

Nice to discover the (great) team behind Kurviger! And again thank you all VERY much for your hard work. It is really fun to use Kurviger for my rides and I experienced some of my very best tours using Kurviger since I started riding 41 years before.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:.

Everyone can work remotely, so we are not focused on one location. I live close to Stuttgart.

Standorte sind in der IT nicht wirklich relevant, aber wenn ihr euch schon vorstellt, will man natürlich aus wissen, wo ihr lebt.

Kurviger ist also ein deutsches Qualitätäsprodukt :slight_smile:

Haha correct, currently it’s all “made in Germany” - I live in Hamburg as you can see in my profile description - but I don’t think that should matter too much, it’s just a group of people that gets along very nicely and productively :slight_smile: I think we have a lot of catching up to do on international aspects, the app has so much potential :slight_smile:

@Viola I joined the team only last month :rocket:


The best thing is: All are bikers.
Who does not know it from their own experience, many of those who talk or determine have no idea what they are talking about.
Here but a whole new approach, people who know what they are talking about :slight_smile: This can not be celebrated enough.
Das Beste ist doch: Alle sind Biker.
wer kennt es nicht aus dem eigenen erleben, viele die Mitreden oder bestimmen haben keine Ahnung worüber sie reden.
Hier aber ein ganz neuer Ansatz, Menschen die wissen wovon sie sprechen :slight_smile: Das kann man gar nicht genug feiern.


Hallo Patrick,

ja, routinierte Forenteilnehmer schauen vielleicht ins Profil, ich als “Oldie” denke an soetwas, leider, zu spät oder gar nicht. Aber vielleicht werde ich das in Zukunft mehr beherzigen :wink:
Es stimmt, die App hat ein tolles Potential, aber ich glaube, euch fehlt das richtige Marketing. Wenn ich denke, wieviel Werbung mir von Mitbewerbern angezeigt werden, die mit eurer App nicht ansatzweise mithalten können.
Natürlich hat jeder andere Ansprüche und Konkurrenz ist deshalb auch wichtig, damit jeder sein “ideales” Produkt findet, aber dazu muss man euch (und auch die anderen) einmal finden.
Ich wünsche euch auf jeden Fall alles Gute für euren “Neustart” und ich bleibe euch sicher treu, zumindet so lange ich noch am Motorrad unterwegs bin.


Cool das ihr euch mal vorstellt und man so einen Eindruck bekommt, wer im Team ist.

Ich habe nur einen Wunsch. Entwickler bzw. Programmierer sind in der Regel sehr stark auf ihr Kerngebiet fokussiert. Das hat leider sehr oft zur Folge, dass die Schnittstelle zwischen Mensch und Maschine nicht immer optimal ist und die Software oft nicht intuitive zu bedienen ist.

Es wäre eine große Bereicherung, wenn das Kurivger-Team einen/eine User Researcher/in finden würde.


Cool that you introduce yourselves and so you get an impression of who is in the team.

I only have one wish. Developers and programmers are usually very focused on their core area. Unfortunately, this often means that the interface between man and machine is not always optimal and the software is often not intuitive to use.

It would be a great enrichment if the Kurivger team could find a user researcher.

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Is it necessary? Team and users are the same people. They can research themselves :wink:


Kurviger zählt hier nicht zur Regel. Diese Anmerkung ist positiv gemeint!

Der Entwickler von Kurviger (Robin) und sein Team wissen, um was es bei der Routenplanung und Navigation insbesondere von und für Motorradfahrer als auch für Fahrer anderer Fahrzeuge geht. Desweiteren wird in vertretbarem Rahmen auf Anregungen hier aus dem Forum reagiert.
Zumindest der Entwickler als auch einzelne Teammitglieder sind Anwender von Kurviger, Sie sind sich durchaus der Stärken und Schwächen von Kurviger bewußt. Vor allem arbeiten sie daran, unter Berücksichtigung von Zeitaufwand und Prioritäten, die Schwächen zu beseitigen.


Yes, we spent quite some time on getting the UX right. Corvin is actually studying in this area and I did quite a bit of UX and human computer interaction work during my studies as well. Nevertheless, a dedicated UX designer would be a good addition to the team :slight_smile:.


Guys, you are doing a great job! I used Kurviger in Central and Eastern Europe and now in Morocco. I also prepared the next tour to Cameroon with Kurviger. The features mostly work and the online planning with different maps is outstanding. You are the reason why I invested in Carpe Iter Tabe for all my three bikes. Please continue!

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