Measure distance/time between any two points on a route


I would like to propose a feature which allows you to measure the distance between two points along the route. You could either use the current location as point 1 and select another point as point 2. Or - alternatively - select both points. The result can then be displayed in a bubble. This would make planning tours a bit simpler. Obviously, the same also makes sense in the kurviger website.

The idea was - more or less - inspired by this discussion:




a workaround (not 100%, perhaps 70%): Add waypoints to the route and tap on them - this displays the trip distance of the waypoints, you have to subtract yourself:

You also might use: Menu / Tools / Measure, please see blue dotted line on ScreenShot.

Regards Markus


On the website you can also use the height-graph in the bottom right. Just move your mouse over the height-graph it shows distances so you can calculate the distances quite flexible using this technique.


Yes, that’s what I normally tend to do.

Two things:

(A) I noted that adding a waypoint - even if it is (or looks to be) redundant - can change the route.
(B) You will need to add two waypoints and then manually compute the difference. Possible but a bit of a pain in the back.


Thanks. That’s nice indeed. Doesn’t help much while on the road though.


How does this Measure Tool in the app for linear distance between 2 points work? I can’t move the end points. I never succeed to meet the wanted end points.

Long press on the 2 points and move them.

perfect thanks a lot