Meaning of Deleting route/overlay

Hello, i’m a little bit confused:
the menu-item “delete” has the choice between route/overlay/both.
“route” deletes everything, what i have planned
“overlay” does nothing on my pc
“both” deletes also everything

when i load a route from the cloud, there is a blue line and a red dotted line.
The blue line changes, when i edit the route, the dotted remains. I thougt, this dotted line is the overlay? sometimes the dotted line disappears, when does that happen?
When i save the route, the dotted line afterwards follows the solid line.

Check this link for information about what an overlay actually is:

Various data can be displayed in Kurviger on the map as an overlay, for example Waypoint , Track , and Route . The desired data must be available in the *.gpx file. The data loaded as an overlay is only for visual display on the map.

The red dotted line is the saved route (stored in the cloud). When you edit the route it will differ from the saved version.


Just to clarify:

Red: is the track from the imported file
Magenta: is the line stored in the cloud.