Maxca xplay lite C5

Hi. I am the new kid at the block …
At the moment I’m planning a Tour trough Albania, Bosnia etc. My Garmin (never ever liked it) doesn’t help.
Kurviger could help. But I need a Screen at the motorcycle. The lite C5 may help. Anybody here who is using? Is it a solution for using kurviger and see the mobile Phone Screen on the C5?
Everything I found is, I can do tetlphone calls and I even could hear music. Wow. Nothing I ask for …
Would be nice to learn from your experimente.

Hi Chris,
since 5 years I’m navigating with kurviger - exclusively with my normal smartphone (at moment a Sony XZ2). So no second phone that I would have to maintain. A simple Grefay mount and a USB charging cable from the board socket.
I would not buy a special navigation device, just use your smartphone. If that’s not waterproof or too valuable - buy one. Cheaper than a lite C5, I think.
There is a thread here that addresses the issue: Welches Smartphone fürs Motorrad?
And there are even more threads, I guess.


I have to admit, I never heard of this device.

If you don’t want to use your main phone, I would recommend to buy a second hand phone. There are quite a few water proof phones out there. I would go for a phone with a large screen and something not too old, from a known manufacturer.


now I choose a Zumo XT. Maybe this one will help for my journey. We will see.
Thanx for response!


Hello Cris,

I would currently stay away from ALL Carplay/AndroidAuto devices. They don’t have dual Bluetooth and are otherwise rather useless on a motorbike. On and off with ignition, and with Google you never know where you’ll be tomorrow.
The XT is your decision, I think it’s simply too expensive for the performance. As others have already written, buy a cheap outdoor mobile phone with a bright display and that’s it.



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