Map Routing Error

Web based Kurviger doesn’t allow routing along one small portion of HiWay 58 near Creston, Ca, USA. See pic below.

Would you mind sharing the url of the Kurviger route with us?



…and was this correct forum location to report to?

There is a gate displaced. Instead blocking the small track going north it blocks the mainroad (58).
I found it by inserting intermediate waypoints (see to define the exact location and then looking by right click in Google Maps and

This is the gate:

I changed it - but it will take few days/weeks until it works for you.


Awesome work! Thank You!

Very nice find, and a pretty clear candidate for an edit. But remember for the future that Google streetview is licensed and cannot be used as source material for edits in OpenStreetMap. I had to learn myself that the community does not take nicely to adding “Google streetview” as a source in the upload Form :smiley:


You know, it’s hard to be perfect! Thanks for the intel.

I have a similar issue on one of my favorite routes. There’s a spot where Seven Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park crosses the Appalachian Trail and the mapping tool won’t allow you to draw a route that crosses the trail even though it’s just an open stretch or road and you wouldn’t even know it’s part of the trail. There’s also a small side road just north of the trail, perhaps like the user above the map has a misplaced gate or something associated to it. In any event, it’s a wide open stretch of road that with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, joggers and hikers, just like the entire length of Seven Lakes Drive…no reason not to allow a route to cross this section of road.

In my opinion only the two defined parts of the Seven Lakes Parkway had to be connected - I did it and asked someone to check it.


That’s great news. How long does it usually take before the update is published and available in Kurviger?

about 2 weeks on average

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Excellent…thank you!! This will make planning long rides through that area much easier in the future as I won’t have to deduct the extra 14 miles the unnecessary detour currently adds to the length of the route.

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