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Map orientation in follow mode

I have tried it according your description and it works.
A little problem:
I like to use navigation map, in the follow mode, pointing north, but this seems not possible.
Can everyone solve this problem?

In follow mode (and navigation) the map orientation can be selected by pressing the compass.

Please see the manual for more details:

In navigation mode the dialog for map orientation is a little bit different to the dialog in map mode and follow mode.

For Map orientation in Map mode and Follow mode see link given from @devemux86 .

For Map orientation in Navigation mode please see

Note: For each mode you can select an own setting for the map orientation. Thus you can select e.g. β€œManual” for map mode, β€œ2D …” for follow mode and β€œ3D …” for navigation mode. You only have to touch the compass in the modes and select your desired setting.