Map for Northern Laos

Hi riders. I’m new in this forum. There is no Laos map to download on Offline Maps. Has anybody got an idea how to import a OSM into Kurviger?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Thanks for the report!

We create the offline maps with OpenStreetMap data extracts via Geofabrik structure.

Laos was added probably recently, we’ll include it in our next offline maps build process.

Thanks for letting us know, we included Laos, Bhutan, Armenia, Yemen, and Venezuela in our offline maps build. The new maps should be available in about two weeks.

If you need the map earlier, you can have a look here. You can export maps as “Mapsforge OSM”, which should work in Kurviger as well. Note: when using non-Kurviger extracts some features you know from Kurviger might not work at all or only limited, maps might look slightly differently, etc.

Thanks boldtrn. Creation, download and import to Kurviger worked fine. Let’s see later how it works.:+1:

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