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Mallorca, five days in Bikers heaven


This year we have made again a trip to Mallorca.

We recommend to rent the bikes at www.mallorquin-bikes.de.
Get in contact with Johannes and Anke, you will be satisfied!

It was the fourth time that we visited Mallorca and we tried to find some routes and places we never visited before.In the end, it was a mixture of well known routes and places and some new spots we found very interesting.

The preperation upfront was made with Kurviger and we used my old Blaupunkt Motopilot for Navigation.

I decided to create the routes in stages as you never know what happens. In the end, everything went well and we had astonishing trips. You need to read it in this way:
Folder “Ankunft”: The trip we had after picking up the bikes.
Folder “Tag1” to “Tag3”: T1_S1_esverger.gpx means day one (T1), stage one (S1) and short description.
Next stage would be T1_S2 … and so on.

Let me share some interesting points with you, but keep in mind: The “must see in Mallorca by Bike” is not the target as we have seen them on our trips before.

First Highlight was Es Verger near Inca (https://goo.gl/maps/mY1jav56Wbx). The road was like a test track for farm tractors, but we had a lot of fun. Inside it was very rustic.

In the background of the first picture you can see an old oven. And inside the oven there was a surprise: I assume around ten cooking tins full with lamb shoulder! Taken out by the lady you see on the chair.
It was no surprise that the location was getting full with people the next hour. We had some nice conversation with some people and they explained, that lamb shoulde is the speciality there.

MA-10: A MUST by Bike in Mallorca. And you should try all the roads to the sea. Of course to Sa Calobra, but don’t forget to take a trip to Cala Tuent. It is recommended to be hungry there too, because the Restaurant Es Vergeret is a real highlight.

What we never had done before was taking the road to Port d’es Canonge. Very nice with a lot of curves. But be careful, not always you have a good grip in the curves :slight_smile:


In the west we had Sant Elm on the list. A funny place where the people were sitting in the restaurants and cafès, music all around and a smell of …tobacco with additives…

A must see again was cap formentor: A quiz for you! Which picture was done this year and ten years before?

Ok, that’s all. There would be a lot of more interesting points and routes but take the attached ones and enjoy your ride on Mallorca, make your own experiences.

Malle Touren.zip (263.0 KB)




Thank you very much for the nice route report.

I never thought about going to Mallorca for a motorcycle trip to be honest, but the images look great. I had a look at your routes as well and there seem to be quite some curves.

How were the temperatures; you have been there in March? Was there much traffic? Guessing from the size of the island, a couple of days (3-7) seem to be perfect?



You are welcome!

You are right, we have been there in March, as always. In March you can expect perfect temperatures for trips by Bike. 15 to 20 degrees and sunshine, sometimes more than 20 degrees. Because of the sunshine, you can always sit outside.
In case you are interested in visiting Mallorca in other times, you can always ask Johannes or Anke for advising you. What is not recommended is summer, but I guess that is pretty clear.

The traffic situation is ok. You need to be careful because of the cyclists! You can find them all around the island. They use March for starting the season and in combination with tourists in rental cars, you need some patience sometimes.

We found out that 4-5 days are perfect for such a trip, including the trip from Germany to Mallorca. But it depends on your expectations: If you would like to have some time to visit the places like Sa Calobra or La Granja and stay there for some time, you can extend it to 7 days or more.
We started in the morning at 9:00 to 9:30 and came back between 18:00 and 20:00. In between we had breaks for coffee and some food up to three hours per day. After these five days including the trip to and from Mallorca and 1260 KM on the Bike we were tired.

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Thanks for the explanation! This sounds really interesting as a season starter :sunglasses::motorcycle:.



No motorcycle pics! Outrageous :smiley:
Kidding aside: looks nice