Make "strict navigation" a bit more flexible

Rerouting option is set to “strict navigation”
Independend from the feature Pause/Resume which is still in development another option would be nice to improve the “strict navigation mode”.

Sometimes when the app closes unwillingly in the middle of a tour, the complete route including all waypoints gets reloaded automatically when Kurviger is started again. This is fine in principle, but normally I don’t want to start the tour then from the beginning again.

In order to resume the tour from the actual position, could then be a user trigger implemented which asks where to resume the tour?

The options that Kurviger app could ask for, can be:

  • Start WP
  • WP X
  • WP Y
  • End WP

Start WP could be a theoretical option someone may want to use, for example when the tour was bad and the biker just wants to drive back home.
To explain WP X, Y… Kurviger could determine the actual GPS position and the 2 nearest WP’s… normally X would be the last already visited waypoint and Y would be the next, not yet visited waypoint. By user choice wp X all wp’s till wp X (excluding wp X) should be deleted and routing should go for wp X, By user choice wp Y all wp’s till wp Y (including wp X) should be deleted and routing should go for wp Y with proceeding strict navigation to the unvisited wps.
X and Y would be replaced by the number of 2 the nearest wp’s to the GPS position, for example if I am in the middle of the tour between wp 7 and wp 8, then two options in the user trigger GUI would be

  • Start
  • wp 7
  • wp 8
  • Destination

Option End WP would delete all WPs and route to the destination right away.

Does it make sense?

Is it about (re)start strict navigation anywhere on route?

If it is that, we don’t need such complicated workflows.
Just see if strict navigation can be made flexible again!

Let’s focus on pause / continue navigation & we’ll see…

Yes, but also if the app is closed and restarted later or unwillingly closed by pushing the wrong button (navigation button instead of future pause/resume button or short-pressed instead of long-pressed or when the app crashes what happend recently on my device). Pause and resume is a necessary feature, but it is not failsafe. If the resume button is also available after re-opening the app after closing, and if then the app still knows the already visited waypoints from the previous tour (by storing this somewhere on the device for example) then it was failsafe.

Available in Kurviger 1.13.10 (Beta).

Now you can start navigation “anywhere” also with “Strict navigation” option.
After strict navigation starts, all expected strict navigation rules are applied.

Sounds great, will test a.s.a.p. also tried again the automatic recalculation without any App closing.

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Please test it well. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a bold change and we need to make sure that strict navigation remains as strict as it should be.

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.13.

works perfect thanks :+1: