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Make Kurviger App the better Android Auto Navi

Is it possible to make Kurviger compatible and available for Android Auto? Google Maps is ok, but in priniple a boring navigator… I would very much like to use this also on the car’s display and find this an exiting new feature.

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Thanks for the idea!

There are such thoughts, also for Android Wear smartwatches, if there is time while implementing new features in the app. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool idea. But as somebody who is currently working on an app with Android Auto support, let me tell you:
that’s a metric f*** ton of work :smiley:


It would also fix issue that when using Google assistant is used, screen turns to assistant letting Kurviger background.

That’s how Android (or assistant) works, already discussed in the relevant topic:

Android auto does not work this way.

If you use assistant through android auto app , current screen is maintained while assistant is used.

Precisely, that’s why I mentioned that Android Auto works differently than regular Android and assistant should anyway not steal other apps focus in any mode.

It’s a nice to have feature, which I could examine in future when time allows and more core features are implemented.

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