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Make app more tolerant of GPS loss in predictable situations



One feature request/bug I was thinking about constantly during my last trip to the alpes:

I think the app should be a little more tolerant/forgiving/forecasting when losing GPS in a situation that can be expected: in tunnels, galleries, underpasses etc. This is especially relevant in northern Italy and southern Switzerland, where they build a lot of roads in so called “gallerias”. They often have nearby towns or local roads and Kurviger is quick to think you’re on one of those instead

Something like this: https://kurv.gr/VfJiH

Now I don’t think this thread is a duplicate, I know that we already had discussions about rerouting and I know that I could disable it. But let’s assume I don’t want to disable rerouting. I want to talk more about the general sensibility to GPS loss. Most other Navigation devices/apps try to simulate your position and move the marker with an approximate speed inside the tunnel. Kurviger on the other hand is very trigger-happy.

It can have bad results when you want to take an exit directly after a tunnel and almost miss it because Kurviger is super sure that you’re on the road on the other side of the mountain that it jumped to once it lost GPS :smiley:
I almost missed this exit for example: https://kurv.gr/FSj1S

I don’t know how hard this is to code, but I would really love to have this. Thanks!


Thanks for the request!

Do you have Kalman filter enabled in Settings | Map?

It can certainly help with predictions in such situations.


One second lemme check… yes, enabled. Oh god, it could have been even worse if I had this disabled? :smiley:
Nah just kidding, it’s probably no easy task, thanks for recognizing my request


Thanks for letting us know, the situation in tunnels especially is a known limitation right now and we should look at options on how to improve this.