Make app more tolerant of GPS loss in predictable situations (tunnels)

One feature request/bug I was thinking about constantly during my last trip to the alpes:

I think the app should be a little more tolerant/forgiving/forecasting when losing GPS in a situation that can be expected: in tunnels, galleries, underpasses etc. This is especially relevant in northern Italy and southern Switzerland, where they build a lot of roads in so called “gallerias”. They often have nearby towns or local roads and Kurviger is quick to think you’re on one of those instead

Something like this: Kurviger

Now I don’t think this thread is a duplicate, I know that we already had discussions about rerouting and I know that I could disable it. But let’s assume I don’t want to disable rerouting. I want to talk more about the general sensibility to GPS loss. Most other Navigation devices/apps try to simulate your position and move the marker with an approximate speed inside the tunnel. Kurviger on the other hand is very trigger-happy.

It can have bad results when you want to take an exit directly after a tunnel and almost miss it because Kurviger is super sure that you’re on the road on the other side of the mountain that it jumped to once it lost GPS :smiley:
I almost missed this exit for example: Kurviger

I don’t know how hard this is to code, but I would really love to have this. Thanks!

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Thanks for the request!

Do you have Kalman filter enabled in Settings | Map?

It can certainly help with predictions in such situations.

One second lemme check… yes, enabled. Oh god, it could have been even worse if I had this disabled? :smiley:
Nah just kidding, it’s probably no easy task, thanks for recognizing my request

Thanks for letting us know, the situation in tunnels especially is a known limitation right now and we should look at options on how to improve this.

Same experience on my side on my trip to Lago di Garda.
However for me ist really annoying when Kurviger tries to Rerounte several times in tunnels. Turn rerouting off is not an option for me, i like this feature und use it often.
Possiblilities for me here :

  1. Otion to turn Rerouting off in tunnels. This check could be based on OSM Data
  2. Option to use Acceleration Sensor of Handy to determine the speed and Coordinates via OSM Data and then simulate the driving. Several navigation apps do it this way. Its not 100% accurate but it helps a lot.

Would be a very helpful feature even in switzerland and north italy.

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Predictability and computer navigation are opposite concepts.
The excessive automation can be risky and difficult to handle.

You can use manual rerouting, it is the recommended option:
(should probably be the default)

Yes that is a possibility. But what about automatik calculation based on Accelaration Sensor and OSM coordinates. Is this possible to implement?

I opened this as a new topic to share an idea for kurviger

In tunnels there are different issues, because GPS is lost:

  1. Speed can not be calculated
  2. Junctions can not be found and announced in tunnels and at the end of a tunnel
  3. Speed Limits can not be set, because position is unknown

Automatic calculation of position and speed based on Accelerometer data of the mobile phone and OSM coordinates. Nearly the same as you do it in Simulation Mode.
The KalmanFilter is very inaccurate, because it only depends on the sensors to find the position.
The position in tunnels can be used from OSM Data and only the speed can be used by sensors.
This would be more accurate.

Would be very helpful in Switzerland and Northern Italy with many tunnels.

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Hi. Many times before I wondered how reliable and accurate such data is. Wouldn’t it be easier to assume a constant speed - e.g. 60 km/h when the GPS signal is lost? I know, there may be a traffic jam or some other delay, but will the accelerometer handle such difficulties?


It is not.

We may see in the future, however unreal navigation without GPS is not safe.

Mit TomTom Go kann man sehr gut auch im Tunnel navigieren. Wie die das machen keine Ahnung aber ich meine hier wird mit der Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit gearbeitet.

Hatte das Thema Tunnel hier auch schon angesprochen, weil es mit Kurviger unmöglich in Tunneln zu navigieren und es gibt viele Tunnel mit Abfahrten usw.

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Die Navigation muss in Tunnels ja nicht akkurat sein, aber zumindest einen groben Anhaltspunkt hätte ich auch gerne. Und bei TomTom geht es ja, habe ich auch schon gehört.

Yes, I think it would be interesting to know roughly where you are inside the tunnel even if it is not very accurate.

Hallo, ich finde die App echt toll und bin froh eine Alternative zu Sygic gefunden zu haben, was aber echt nervt ist die Navigation durch Tunnels, das navi bleibt dann mit letzter bekannten Geschwindigkeit und Richtung und “fährt” ins Nichts und verliert die Route… Soweit kein Problem, außer du must im Tunnel oder kurz danach abbiegen… Das Navi weiß das ich mich im Tunnel befinde, es kennt auch den Streckenverlauf des Tunnels, wieso also folgt er diesen nicht einfach mit der erlaubten Geschwindigkeit? Andere Navis machen das auch so

No, the tunnels are not known.

Navigation uses GPS location. Without GPS there can be no navigation.
Otherwise, the phones would not need a GPS sensor for the location.

You really want tell me that you don’t know where are tunnels? Anyway when you loose the GPS signal, you could following the track until you get a new signal, would be better as to going nowhere…

The only route details currently in use are: max speed, street name.
Route information details are not currently in use.

Everything seems easy with words. :slightly_smiling_face:

To all those who suggest location without GPS, please show the real Android code,
how it can be done…

I think there is a misunderstanding:

The information about tunnels is available in OSM data (so you also can see that on several maps).

But for navigation the app uses the information inside the .kurviger file provided by routing algorithm - I do not know if information about tunnels is in that file.

My Garmin Navis extrapolate the position, if GPS signal is lost and according to map data there is a tunnel: They assume that you continue riding on the planned route with the speed measured before loosing GPS signal.

But this is not very precise, especially if you change the speed in the tunnel - and I think the effort for implementing such a feature is high (please keep in mind that the development of the app is a one man show, as far as I know).

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It may be used in the future.

And that tunnels are straight.


Something that could be done more effortlessly is to see from route details
when be in tunnels and temporarily disable automatic rerouting (if enabled).

However, follow user location → turn instructions cannot work without GPS.

Most users do not know it or prefer to forget it.
Maybe we should put a reminder somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

No - it also works on a tunnel curve (Navi assumes that you follow the planned route, and this can also contain a curved tunnel).
Example: Pfändertunnel