Major Road lock downs in Gran Canaria :Best trips belong to the past now

Hello forum,
let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Thomas and I live in Munich, Germany.
My second biggest hobby is motorbiking . I prefere mountains and curves especially motorbike trips in the Alpes, Rocky Mountains, Pyrenäen, in winter the spanish islands,
Right now I am on holiday in Gran Canaria. I am a very disappointed about to see what the climate change did one of the best spots for motorbikers. Water and heavy winds damaged some roads severe. Some of the most spectacluar roads are now closed for ever. They will be replaced of course but with modern highways. I write this post because the lock down of GC-200 and GC-210 is not reflected in the standard road material of the Kurviger tour planner. So please double check with google maps.
The biggest influence is the lockdown of the GC-200 in part. It former connected the south coast with the west coast. For. me it was the most impressive road along a coast. Even better than the old Highway One with Big Sur in the US.
No more round trips are possible at the moment. We have to wait since the replacing highway (GC-2) is in still under construction in some important parts.
I heard that Tennerife also suffered vey much because of destroyed streets, But I dont know any details.
Later I will post some of my pictures I took in former years .

Gran Canaria I still a spot I recommend. Good asphalt, nearly no traffic, Millions of curves…
But the best is gone for ever.

Best regards


You can enter that change in OSM yourself - then Kurviger router will consider this (usually 2 - 3 days later).
If you are not familar with OSM, you can give precise description here (e.g. short routes inks, length << 50m ), so that an other user can enter this in OSM.