Lost Customer

I used the app for several years and was really happy with it. But now, I cannot use the old app anymore and the new version is far from ready to use for me. So even I think kurviger was the best on the market has now no proper solution. That’s why I’ll leave and investigate in something new now.

Wish you all the best and hope that this project turns into something good at some time in the future.

Best regards

Hello Ingo,

It’s a pity … that you don’t give the Kurviger 3 a chance.

The app is certainly still in development, but very good basic parameters have already been taken into account and the app also performs very well in the practical test. Keep in mind that the programming was only started in 11/2022 and a lot has already been developed for this short period of time.

Kurviger is working with users to make this already great navigation app even better and more unique.

It would be great if you could explain to us in the

Kurviger App 3.0.8 Feedback

what you are missing and why it is important to you.



if the old version would still work, I would wait and stay to the project. Missing point is definitely the recording feature of my driving.

Best regards

… and don’t get me wrong, I did not cancel my subscription, but cannot use the app on tour for my needs. I still like and use the planing features on the web side.

If your subscription is still valid, you can still use the old app. Current and previous versions of the Kurviger app [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

If you bought the old Kurviger Pro, you can still use this app.

Maybe you can clarify what exactly is not working for you.

With that said, the new app is evolving quite swiftly, so even though some features might be missing today, they might be added with one of the next updates.


The old version does not allow my to start a route. I always get an error with “some” issue from g-pay. Happened on both my devices. I tried to stop and reset the app multiple times without any success. That’s why I finally deleted the app and started with OsmAnd

Most probably because your subscription ran out. There can be other reasons as well, if you still have a valid subscription. You will find many threads here in the forum regarding this, for example: Wo ist der Abo Button

Well I bought the app once and yes I subscribed as well, but if I now open the app and navigate to abo I get the same screen as posted already. So how to get it working again?

I deleted the cache of google store and pay services without any result

If you bought the Kurviger Pro 1.x App then you can still use it.

My PRO app (1.x) is missing on my Android device. How can I install it?

You have uninstalled your PRO app (1.x) on your Android device or you have a new Android device. You want to use the PRO app (1.x) on the device, but you can’t find it in the Play Store.

Kurviger PRO (1.x) is still available in the Play Store. But only under the account under which it was originally purchased. Under this account you select:

  • Manage apps and device > Manage >

  • Then instead of Installed please select Not installed.

  • Then Kurviger PRO should be selectable, select and install

This is also possible on multiple Android devices. If you have the app Kurviger PRO (1.x) and / or Kurviger (2.x) and / or Kurviger (3.x) installed on the device, all installed apps can be used separately.

Google Play Help - Reinstall & re-enable apps


that was no help as the app 2.2.28 is still installed but pro features not accessible and starting a routing showing above error. I was part of beta users before, can this be the difference?

Anyhow, I would like to use the old version until the new is ready to go but how

Kurviger 2.228 Verfügbarkeit.

Man muß eigentlich nur wissen wann man das Kurviger 2 Abo gekauft hat ein Jahr hochrechnen
und man weis wie lange das Kurviger 2 Abo gültig ist.

Steht hier:

das ist mir klar und glaubt mir, ich habe die Pro Version jahrelang gehabt. Diese ist aber im Play-Store nicht mehr zu sehen. Einzig die “grüne” und ja, ich weiß, dass sie eigentlich grau sein sollte.

Sieht so aus, als würde hier niemand helfen können?

Meine PRO-App (1.x) fehlt auf meinem Android-Gerät.
Wie kann ich es installieren?

Sie haben Ihre PRO-App (1.x) auf Ihrem Android-Gerät deinstalliert oder Sie haben ein neues Android-Gerät.
Sie möchten die PRO-App (1.x) auf dem Gerät verwenden, finden sie aber nicht im Play Store.
Kurviger PRO (1.x) ist weiterhin im Play Store erhältlich.

Aber nur unter dem Konto, unter dem es ursprünglich gekauft wurde.
Unter diesem Konto wählen Sie:
• Apps und Gerät verwalten> Verwalten>
• Dann wählen Sie statt Installiert > Nicht installiert.
• Dann sollte Kurviger PRO auswählbar sein, auswählen und installieren


Hello, I am an enthusiastic Kurviger user. Although the end of Kurviger 2 was a great disappointment to me, I still have confidence in the application and am trying to help as much as possible in the development of version 3.
When its trial version is finished and the final version comes out, I will be able to proudly say that I trusted it and collaborated in its development.

I am sure that it will continue to provide me with great and precious routes and smiles.


Well I’m not against this project and was using the app many years very intensively. I’m one of the rider with >12K per year.
But now it seems that this season will be without, at least that’s how it started.

Hi Ingo,

You can’t stop a moving train. And since we don’t know what they’re missing in the current beta, you’ll probably have to switch to other apps. I also have Osmand+, and find it far too complex.

For me, I want to load a route and then drive off, I never really need to fiddle with it. I just take detours at random until I’m back on the route. I always plan far more petrol stations than I need. The more precise the planning, the less I need to change anything on the phone. I also only drive on sight. And the current beta does all that quite well. The K2 is now EOL, and the K1, yes, I still have it as a backup. The only thing I would like to have in the next update is offline maps for driving. I do my planning on the laptop.



I know and looking forward for an improvement. Currently, the new version offers less than before. But I think they will get to the point we’re all waiting for.
Being on tour, I use my mobile only for the planning. Only the first one or two days are prepared upfront.
Switching to a different app always requires some investigation, as they’re all more complex than kurviger is. I played with Locus maps, OsmAnd+ and calimoto so far. But as mentioned I’m quite happy with OsmAnd.

Best regards

I have tried to understand Osmand, but I have given it up as impossible. Too complex.
Simplicity = Efficiency and fun