Looking for areas i Germany to ride

I’m tentatively planning a trip to Germany for a few mates. General idea is Hamburg to Munich via Southern Poland. We will have about 10 days, so we can flesh this out a bit,. I am looking for suggestions where we would find nice places to ride to/through. We’d likely want ca 400km /day and nice locations /sights.

Does anyone have suggestions for suggestions for where to look these uo
Actual route planning will then be with Kurviger I guess

But I’d want things like

  • Weserbergland, look for scenic routes between … and …
  • Elbstandsteingebirge , look for …

I could buy The 40 Motorbike tours in Germany book from Loius.de or such, but I’d rather research online

Any one have suggestions for websites that have route/sight suggestions etc welcome (also in neighbouring countries)

We just launched the Kurviger Blog. Currently, the number of route reports is still a bit low, but we will add new reports regularly.

At Louis you can get this book, all tours in that book do have a Kurviger tour code, so you can easily load these tours in Kurviger as well.

Especially in north Germany, there are not that many curves and it is rather flat. The area is beautiful though. So depending on what you are looking for, I might start the tour a bit further south.

Famous areas for riding in Germany include the Harz, Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Odenwald, Eifel, Sächsische Schweiz and the area around the alps. To be honest, most rural areas in Germany are great for riding and offer different things. I am a fan of less crowded areas, simply because there is a low amount of traffic, which I find enjoyable and Kurviger usually leads you along many hidden treasures and stunning scenery, but you might miss some of the bigger and more famous roads.

Just to add:

Don’ miss the famous romantical route from Koblenz to Rüdesheim along River Rhein (B42 = Bundesstraße 42). It is crowded (on weekends), but you will enjoy it.

You can leave it for a few kilometers over a side road for a visit of the well known Loreley Rock with a stunning look down into the narow valley of the river (THIS indeed I would not suggest for a weekend :wink: ) , combined with a ride on some small winding (Kurviger-) roads with great views in the Taunus mountains.

On a weekend, however, a detour via the famous romantic Wispertal (Valley of the creek Wisper) is recommended; once a famous race track through the forest along the creek, today a regular meeting point for many motorcyclists from the region on weekends.

If you are interested and this proposal fits your planning, I could provide you with a ready-to-use Kurviger file.

Maybe I could even meet you on site (it is not far from my place) and give you some tips, and last not least I could also accompany and lead you a bit (but only with the Spyder :wink: )!

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