Log in app not satisfied

paid 10€ for the pro version of kurviger but somehow i can’t login with that account on the app. on a web browser yes, but not in the app. so you have to pay twice? great if so. I assumed that with that payment I can also use the app, now it is worthless for me.

Website has the Tourer subscription mentioning:
(see also the documentation)

“The listed features are only valid for the website. We offer a separate subscription for the Android app.”

App has the Pro subscription with different features.

To “assume” is a bad thing to make decisions. More helpful is to be informed.

For information there are some documentations. Then you know the differences of features and fees of “Tourer” (website) and “Pro” (app):


and the docu linked in the post of devemux86.

When reading the docus you are informed and can make your decisions to subscripe or not to subscripe for “Tourer” (website) and / or “Pro” (app). Information helps to reduce disappointment.
Also you can use the Kurviger subscriptions (Tourer, Pro) for some days without payment to decide if you really want the subscription!

The Kurviger documentation offers a lot more helpful information:

Again: Reading documentation helps to reduce disappointment :wink:!


You can see it the other way round. The full package (App + web) costs 20€.
But if you need only one part, you can get it for half the price.
Like front and rear tires are sold separately.


while this is true, it’s not the first time this has happened and I’m starting to worry a bit that kurviger needs to rethink its marketing strategy somewhat, and make this clearer somehow. I don’t have the solution to this, unfortunately. I’m just saying let’s not shift the blame to the users too much, if we see this is a general problem