Loading maps

Hi there,
I would like to have the opportunity to load the offline map data beforehand and not only at start of navigating the planned tour. Reason is that if I plan some routes for a vacation, I could already load all needed map data upfront at home, which would reduce the data volume consumption on tour.

BR Ingo

There are offline maps for navigation.

Please have a look at the documentation for a full description and advices.


yes that’s true, but currently I need to go into all planned routes, select them to be shown on the map, and then I can download the map for all of them. Time-consuming here is that I need to select all routes first. It’s doable, but having an optional setting would make it much easier.
BR Ingo

Did you read the manual in the Link above?
I think no!
You can download the Region you need for your Trip!

yes I know about how to download maps.
My suggestion was that I can decide to download the maps of planned tours beforehand and not at start of the navigation. But I see that I’ve to use the workarounds.
BR Ingo

I think i do not understand what you want.

You will choose some Routes and then download exaktly that Maps?
if this should happen at open your route, then to many Traffic for nothing will happen at planning.
And starting the Route and ending needs not an additinal Button.
For me it’s pretty good like it is.

I think the question about offline maps is so often, as it is hard to guess what amount of data is required if no offline maps are used. So to be on the save side it is the best to download everything(?!). As for planning and rerouting Internet is required, it is currently not possible to use completely offline.

I just made a test. I cleared all offline maps and planning data. In the app settings storage for user data showed 12,5MB.

I planned a route, which resulted in 740km (Germany my location to Hamburg). I started navigation, the data for the route was loaded. Then user data shows 90,15MB. For this route 740km about 80MB. I guess that in other regions the amount of data differs. In my mind is now “100km - 10MB or 1000km - 100 MB”, more or less.

Question to devs:
Do you see any possibility to display the downloaded amount of data for a route. Perhaps something like the notification stays with info “xxx MB downloaded for this route”.
I guess the me and others get a better feeling and understanding. Just my feeling, I can be completely wrong.

that’s what I try to do. It’s a multi day vacation with more than 3500KM across multiple countries. Of course, it’s doable with current version, but an option to load map data of planned tours with on click would help a lot.
BR Ingo

At least currently, this is not planned. I think it’s an interesting idea. There are some technical issues here though, so I am not sure this will work that well.