Lazy Map Rotation

The map rotation when going through a curve is very sluggish. I have the impression that this was better in the past. In simulation mode, for example, this is different, i.e. faster. In reality it is so slow that I have already driven through a curve and the map is still rotating in the direction of travel.
Is this related to the GPS setting Google or Android? I recently switched to Google because it supposedly uses the battery better?

There used to be a function called “smooth movement” or something similar, which I had always switched off because it was too slow for me in map rotation. It had the same effect like described here. I only had the Kalman filter active. Has this “smooth movement” feature been implemented by default? If so, please make it available as an option again so that it can be switched off. Because it leads to exactly this effect, that the map rotation happens much too slowly.

To be clear, you tested the simulation mode in the same curve as the real drive?
And GPS was good on that day? No bridge or tunnel or mountains nearby?

Smooth motion is not currently integrated into the app,
it may return in the future with a better implementation.

Location data are provided by the device GPS sensor.
(best update is around 1 report / second)

You can try different settings in “Kalman filter” and “Location service”
and see which work better on your device.

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With Android location service it is much better and good. The disadvantage is that the battery consumption is higher then. I guess you have to die a death.


That confirms my observation some time ago.
Android location service seems to be faster:

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  • Android location service simply uses the GPS.

  • Google location service is a fused location provider and combines different signals.
    More details exist in Google Play services website.

This was also discussed here:

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