Layout for "all curvy routes" looks broken

When you select “all curvy roads” there is a nice table at the bottom, which compares your routes. But if the numbers become appreciably large, the layout breaks, like so:

It looks glitchy, because of the vertical position of the first three columns. Could you set the gravity to “center” for the icon, the length and the duration?

Reproducible in Firefox and Chrome with current version at time of writing

Thanks for the feedback, yes I wonder why it isn’t centered anyway :thinking: - I will double check and add this with the next update.

Ah, this breaks the vertical lines, not sure if other things get broken as well, this would need a bit more research and maybe some hacking :+1:

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 14.03.58

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Tables, divs, boxes, grids… ye olde story in web development. Never ever works like you want it to :smiley:

It became a lot better with Flexbox, but yeah, still a mess :slight_smile:

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