Last week the old version 2.2 reply with an " google play error" and did not wor

The of Version did not work anymore and the new Version is only Beta and not complete. What a sh…,
I have the kurviger Tourer Abo and the Kurviger App Abo.
What shall i do? Take another one ?

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Screen: 412 x 915 px - 2.625dppx

The old app has reached the end of life by the end of last year, as an existing subscriber you can still use your subscription as long as it is active. It will not renew.

We just introduced our new pricing and you can sign up to Kurviger Tourer+, which will provide you with navigation and offline maps for the new Kurviger 3 app, which is currently in BETA. The new app is already working pretty well, if you are missing a particular feature, please have a look here in the forum, there are lot of discussion for different features, if you can’t find anything, please feel free to create a new discussion about a feature you are missing.

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