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Lake Zurich rendering

“Vegetation problem” :smile:
Ich kann auf der app im Ausland die Vegetation nicht sehen. Die Karte an sich wird gut und richtig dargestellt, aber, aufgefallen ist es mir in der Schweiz. Während der Bodensee noch blau ist, ist der Zürichsee ein weißer Fleck. Woran kann das liegen oder ist das normal so?

I can’t see the vegetation abroad on the app. The map itself is displayed well and correctly, but I noticed it in Switzerland. While Lake Constance is still blue, Lake Zurich is a white spot. What can that be or is it normal?
greetz :sunglasses:

Do you use offline maps? Which maps have you opened?

If have opened multiple offline maps and some overlapped water areas are not blue, can try instead open one larger offline map, like DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

If have opened one offline map, then could be problem in water polygon data in OSM which prevent the proper rendering.

“Vegetation” layer (for offline maps) is not related to water regions.

Testing switzerland.map, the Zurich lake appears correctly in blue.

I have a similar bug:
If I open both maps italy.map and switzerland.map, the Lago Maggiore and also Lago di Lugano are “gone”:

Both lakes are shown, if I open only one of the maps:



I have seen that with maps downloaded in september 2019, I did a new download of both maps this morning - same problem.

Kurviger Pro 1.13.14
Android 7.0 (API 24)
asus P027
2048 x 1536 (320 dpi)

How can I fix that?

Regards Markus

Overlapping water polygons have such rendering.
Needs to be fixed in the (open source) map library.

You can open alps.map instead as a single map.

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