Kurviger web no export track

I have a GPX file with a track made with another application.

arxiu1.gpx (41.4 KB)

I import the gpx from Kurviger web and correctly draw the original track and calculate the route.

I want to export the track and what it does is export a track according to the calculated route, ignoring the original track.

GaK.kurviger (2.9 KB)
arxiu3.gpx (38.7 KB)

With kurviger.de you create a route and you can save it. The selected track in the export is the exact image of the route - nothing more. The overlay tracks are only used for planning and will never be exported.
If you import your overlay track (arxiu1.gpx) into the kurviger app before the ride as well, you can follow it in “route missed” mode until the re-connect to the route later.

Of course, a direct connection as a new route profile would be desirable. Shown here on another example:

Today . . . . . . . . . . . . Tomorrow ?


The trips I’ve made so far I’ve prepared with tracks in order to follow the thread without navigating, which is why I’m very interested in the tracks.
I prepare the tracks with GMaps, I export them to gpx with gpsvisualizer and I follow the track with TwoNav.
Now with Kurviger I’m rethinking the system using Kurviger instead of TwoNav, but just in case I’m interested in having gpx.

The last few years I have been traveling around the Balkans, Russia and in 2019 I did the Pamir Highway.
I am now preparing to go to the Caucasus and Iran :wink:

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