Kurviger vs Garmin

I am recently completing a 3000 km on/off road tour of Greece I took my kurviger app , My friend used his big new Garmin. Here’s why I don’t like the Garmin and here’s why I think the kurviger is “better”
1/it’s very quick and easy to zoom in on the kurviger app to mark a point. Not so easy on the Garmin.
2/if the garmin cannot find the name of the city you typed in you have to try moving the map around and lots of fiddling about this is difficult. The kurviger App makes this kind of thing much easier.
3/price point – really no further explanation required. 4/if you use an older telephone simply for navigation purposes end it gets damaged it is relatively cheap to replace. Not so the garmin.
5/The application loads in seconds. The Garmin spends a long time fiddling round “acquiring satellites“
6/google maps is a useful application for finding hotels, restaurants petrol stations etc en - route . if I want to do this on my phone it is simply a matter of opening the application, not so with the Garmin.
7/the Garmin seems to require a specialist mounting system which costs another bundle of money and many users have reported that it is susceptible to the weather.
Very happy with my choice so far.


Compared to other Android apps or 3rd party devices,
this is one of the major differences.

And the number of developers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes indeed

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HalloGriechische Berge,

wäre schön wenn du die 3000 km Griechenland On/Off -Road-Tour im Kurviger-Format
bzw. als Link hier im Forum veröffentlichen würdest.

Wenn vorhanden mit Übernachtungspunkten.

Hi if i have the time i will look at it and maybe post some parts,that would be easier.there were NO autobahns in the route and the off road parts(some) would be dangerous unless you have off road experience thanks

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