Kurviger Tourer features are not available

As of recently, the features “curvature” and “route profile for sections” are not available.
I also see ads.
And I cannot manage the Kurviger Tourer subscription in my profile.
My subscription exista since August 2021 and it was automatically renewed in August 2022.

I recently got a computer with Windows 11, could that be a problem?

Hi Michael, I use Linux and it works perfectly for me.

Are you logged in?
Can you send a screenshot from your browser window?


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Hello rumbrummer,
sorry for the delay.
Here is the screenshot where you can see that I can’t select “Manage Curvy Tourer Subscription”.

I also checked the mail from Paddle.com.
It runs via the e-mail address with which I also register.
I hope that this information can help.
Best Regards Michael

Hello Rumbrummer,
and here you can see that “Alle Kurvigkeiten” is not selectable.

Take a look at this thread.
It could help you… :wink:

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You are not logged in: In your screenshot there is a grey person in the headline between “Kurviger Tourer” and “Menü” - tbere should be your picture or your initials if you are logged in.

That’s not right… :wink:

Screenshot 2023-01-14 17.12.22

This is how it looks like to me.
I am logged in … and the person is still “grey” :wink:

That’s interesting - which kind of login do you use?

Perhaps only using a login via Google changes the icon…

Probably. I am logged in via email and I don’t have an icon either.

That’s right. I use a login with another provider. I also have a google-mail adress but this one ist only for google.

I only want to show you, that the grey icon can be exist without an avatar or initals.

Maybe … some day Robin give us the possibility to change the avatar on our own. But this is the lowest priority ever … couldn’t care less :wink: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback and ideas.

Viola, I followed your idea. Unfortunately, deleting the temporary files didn’t help. I also tested another computer with a different browser (Chrome and Firefox).

Rumbrummer, unfortunately I can no longer confirm that my initials were there.

Unfortunately, everything did not lead to success.
Many greetings

But now one more question:
The “Kurviger Tourer” is chargeable and there must be someone who manages the accounts. He must be able to check whether the account and the subscription match.
How can I contact this administrator?


Please check @michael2’s login details … :slight_smile:

Yes, I want this for years. We are getting closer to this, but as you said, it is not high priority, this feature has some complexity, so we haven’t added this yet.

I did check your account. You have an active subscription, but it is with a different email. I will send you the email in a private message.

Hello Viola,
thanks for forwarding the request.
The (my) problem was that I subscribed with a different email address. Robin sent me the right one now.