Kurviger tourer doesnt work

kurviger tourer is niet actief gemaakt mijn account is wel ok

Von der Webseite abmelden… neu Anmelden und vorher evtl. den BrowserCache löschen…

Are you using the correct account? We have seen cases where people had several accounts.

When signing up for Kurviger Tourer, you will receive an Email from Paddle. Please check which email was used from Paddle, usually this is the email that you are using for your Kurviger Tourer account.

i am using the correct account, and i have paid on march 20 with visa card

Ok, thanks for confirming.

We do have a few pointers here as well: I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

The email address that you use here in the forum (***@me.com) has no Kurviger Tourer associated, but it has an account on the Kurviger website and was recently used on the Kurviger website. I could find a second account at jan@***.be, this account has a Kurviger Tourer subscription. I hope this helps?

If this does not solve your problem, could you please send me your order number / email address (via PN or email at support [at] kurviger.de.

That indeed seems to have been the problem. Apparently I had linked my Kurviger Tourer subscription to a different emailadress. So now my problem is solved. Thank you for your advice!

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